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Healing Flow swing flags

You’ve seen a pair of swing flags like this before, this is the swing flag pattern of Healing Flow (which you’ve seen as a scarf for a prayer team, giveaway scarf, multi-use wing, and quills), but this time I was led to add a bit of white to it and they look amazing in motion!

And in case you’re wondering how Allissa manages to have so many pairs of swing flags, it’s because she’s started getting the dyed yardage and sewing it herself (How-To Make Swing Flags) 🙂

There’s no audio on the second one. The first one is Take this Life by Shawn McDonald. Enjoy!

View swing flags

9 thoughts on “Healing Flow swing flags

  1. Beautiful…even with no audio, I still felt ministered to. Thank you, Allissa, for ministering; and Meghan, for the beautiful, annointed silks.

  2. Yes, they are beautiful. That pattern with the white really highlights the motion.

  3. Sorry about the no audio. Youtube is blocking it in some countries because of copyright. Unfortunately they do not realize that the West coast is still a part of the USA…

    If you want to try them with audio go to:

    It is a beautiful song.

    I REALLY like the white in these. I had not known that it was a change when I received them but when they were sewn that is the first thing I noticed. The white stands out so nicely.

    Praying for healing today.

  4. Agreeing with you for healing! Love the motion on these flags…so dynamic and powerful with that added white!

  5. Oh wow. The first clip made my cry. You can feel the lord as the clipped played

  6. You just can’t tear your eyes away from these. They are outstanding!!! Absolutely LOVE them!!!

  7. Really felt life coming from both of these today and I am in agreement for healing for you and each that watch. In the first one, there is a moment where all the green is in the center, as in a flower bud just before it blooms, and then the green opens to reveal the bloom…you! To me Allissa that moment defines a blooming of you into a new life and level in the Lord. Because of His great love for you, He is going to show you off in a new and beautiful way.

    Thank you for blessing us!

  8. These are gorgeous, I love you worshipping in the forest!

  9. I love these they are gorgeous

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