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Streamer Poi (Voi)

Most of the time when I come up with a new product it’s one of YOU who thinks of it and I just design it. These special order streamer poi are no exception!

They’re similar to our voi, but the silks are long and narrow like a streamer. The weights are lighter than voi which makes them light and easy to use (and also less of a problem when they hit you! LOL).

These only come in pairs and in price they run about the same as a pair of voi weights and two 35×84 silks (a standard voi set).

This was literally the first time I’d used them. These are a cool little product, I may have to make these a staple 😉

Music is Jimmie Black‘s Run to You.

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20 thoughts on “Streamer Poi (Voi)

  1. I L O V E these. They move crazy awesome. I dont know if its the pattern or the voi that is bringing me all kinds of crazy happiness. I might have to get me some of those.

  2. @April – I seriously think I’m going to make MYSELF a pair! They are SO fun 🙂

  3. Ohhhh!!! I like these a lot!! Love the pattern on them too. I’d buy a pair of these for sure!!

  4. Mehgan! I love these streamers!! Its very nice to see a different style! Very pretty and Good work!

  5. Oh my goodness..I cannot stop smiling…I am soooooo excited…and very very very pleased..they are perfect…God bless you and thank you…I am waiting anxiously for them to arrive…Did I already say thank you…lol

  6. Those ARE fun!

  7. I love the colors! Makes me think of heaven:)

  8. I LOVE these…they look so fun

  9. these are really pretty.

  10. Very neat! It looked like you were having a lot of fun with them. 🙂

  11. Ohh, I was dying to see long streamers in action!!!!!!!!! Thank you Abba, you’re so creative!!

  12. I love the way these look as you worship, they are Beautiful!

  13. These look like so much FUN!!! If I wasn’t afraid of clonking myself in the head with one, I would SERIOUSLY consider a pair. Or worse… clonking a member of the church!!!
    These are too happy and joyful!! I love them. Great job on them, Meghan!!

  14. Really COOL looking! Great idea!!

  15. @Stephanie – Good thing with these is the clonking isn’t bad actually, the weight is pretty light and it’s padded heavily. Now voi on the other hand… those babies can smart!

  16. These are INCREDIBLE!!
    The color is stunning and fbulous and I ADORE how this looks in action. I wasn’t expecting it to look much different than the usual voi with the semicircle but for my eyes this looks WAY more fun!
    Definitely stunning!

  17. I’m glad to know that these are easier on the clonking!! 😀 I just LOVE them! they look so fun and happy!! I would have a blast using them. They are very celebratory!!

  18. They look great, definitely look easier than a full-sized voi. And I love the shades of blue!

  19. oh, man… these are like ribbons of revelation to me.

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