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Caleb’s Flagging DVD

Our friend Caleb has released a DVD of flagging that features his original music and multiple Dyed4you creations – swing flags, voi (35×84 size), 35×84s with wings seams and a pair of special order silks he had made into flags. The videos are available for sale through Dyed4you (just put it on your order form) for $20.

Sorry folks, it’s only formatted for the US not overseas :/

22 May 2012 testimonial written from a Dyed4you customer to Caleb

Just finished watching your “Ensign” DVD and enjoyed it so very much. Every part of it was so engaging and the presence of the Lord so very real. My favorite was the session in the forest, from the path to the place of worship, all so very good. What a blessing you are to the body of Christ. For anyone who buys it, be sure to watch the bonus features too, they are worth it!

View swing flags / voi / 35×84 / sewing services

8 thoughts on “Caleb’s Flagging DVD

  1. this looks very very interestng….

  2. Caleb was the first person I ever saw use flags as a worship instrument, and this was several years ago, when I first started watching Patricia King’s videos. I was always blessed when I worshiped with him in the videos. And then in 2008, I attended a Patricia King conference in AZ and got to see Caleb flag in person. Wow! I weep and weep at the beautiful presence of the Lord as we all worship and Caleb flagged. Just watching this demo brought all that beautiful worship and presence of the Lord back.

  3. OOOOOH….I like this!!!! :o)

  4. Would really like to buy – do you know if the DVD is formatted for ANY country or just for you guys over there?

  5. Sorry Carolynda, just formatted for the US. I updated the post so others will know.

  6. Awe…that’s a shame… 🙁

  7. […] The music is a DJ Caleb original from his Meditation album and just a reminder, his DVD is still available for purchase! […]

  8. He is truly amazing and gifted.

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