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Wings of Refuge swing flags

You got to see a quick clip of a 5mm semicircle (that was being made into 45″ round quills which hopefully you’ll see at some point) in this same style, which was used in the newest Dyed4you Art piece called Refuge after the silk style which is Wings of Refuge.

Here you get to see the style in swing flag form! The music is from Jimmie Black 🙂

View swing flags

9 thoughts on “Wings of Refuge swing flags

  1. AWESOME I think I would get them tangled around my arm or something but love them, just not skilled LOL Beautiful

  2. Absolutely beautiful! The song is great too! Thanks for sharing

  3. These are so beautiful and comforting! Really love this style also. Always worth the wait to see them in motion! 🙂

  4. Really love these. Meghan you are such a blessing to me!!!! Thank you for your posts and videos. 🙂

  5. You make it look so easy….you are truely blessed…

  6. beautiful Meghan

  7. […] beautiful Altered Quill Wings are in the Wings of Refuge style (like the swing flags I posted yesterday). The music is by Allissa.You have heard one of her pieces before, but what you don’t know is […]

  8. Oh my goodness. These swings flags are just amazing! Absolutely breathtaking. I am choreographing a dance where we are using flags and with the space we have available to us, or rather where the flags will be, is very tight. These swing flags would allow for big moves that wouldn’t hurt anyone. God bless you and your gift and thank you for the tutorial on making these yourself. I don’t have the money to buy these, but I am going to make one as a prototype and petition the ministry to invest in some when we have the opportunity.

  9. They look like flames!!!

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