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Dyed4you Canopy

Some of you may remember about 15 months ago the Father had me get rid of my canopy. At the time He let me replace it with a beautiful Dyed4you Art River of Life display including the matching silk.

I confess I’ve mourned the loss of my canopy (which I loved) consistently since the moment it was gone.  I KNEW it had to go – it had “witnessed” far too much during my days as a heathen and one of my Dyed4you intercessors at the time had been given a vision that gave confirmation to me it was time for me to release it. My husband was very supportive of course.

The River of Life display prophesied the healing He was bringing during this season.  It was a timely word for us and we received His flow gratefully.

A couple of weeks ago as my husband was fasting, he turned to me and told me it was time for me to price a new canopy.  I was so excited! And immediately the Father showed me it was to be covered with Dyed4you silk (the last one wasn’t simply because it had pre-dated Dyed4you and I’d never dyed any for it afterward), and He showed me exactly which silk to do.

I laughed because the style He picked included orange, which for those who know me know that’s my least favorite color, but it’s also like an inside joke between me and Father – so He often speaks to me through orange (I share more about this in my Beauty testimony).

Not only did I find a canopy I loved, but it was the same style I used to have and was only $65!!!  Allen told me to go ahead and get it and I got the nearly 20 yards of silk to create the canopy as well.

The night of sewing and dyeing was not an easy one, much spiritual struggle to complete the project and when I was done they hadn’t turned out how *I* had wanted them to.  Frustrated and sad, I went to bed.

The next day Allen and I looked through them and talked about what images we were seeing in them. In the piece that was to be stretched out over our heads there were two very clear sets of horns! It felt almost violent :/

I became even more frustrated until I suddenly realized the word that went with the silk was coming to life before our eyes…

“…To accomplish this task of threshing the enemy, He is equipping and gifting you with an iron horn and brass hooves. The horn is a symbol of strength and power. The Lord God is our horn (2 Sam 22:3, Ps 18:3) and also denotes how His own strength and power rises up within us as well. Horns were instruments of liberation. Horns also could be used as vessels to carry oil (spiritually speaking, the anointing)…”

The silk is about breakthrough and warfare, it became very clear to me why Father had put a very clear reminder of the word within the silk itself. Laying in bed we will continually be reminded we are yoked to Him and fight in HIS power (thus the name of the silk: Lord of All the Earth).

I also love that as we wrap in our comforter (which is the Beloved style) He reminds us of His love for us even as our eyes stay fixed on the challenging mission 🙂

He is such a good God!  And I am so grateful for my amazing team of folks who birthed this word as well as the ones who cover this ministry in prayer – I am blessed beyond words to get to work with such amazing ladies… love you all!!!

The beautiful pics of my hubby and I together were taken by my dear friend Amanda of His Heart photography, another special friend Gina took the one of me, and I took the one of my hubby 😉

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42 thoughts on “Dyed4you Canopy

  1. Beautiful Meghan!

  2. OH MY!!!!!!!! SO amazing. I adore Papa’s sense of humour too…….oh the colour of orange…..BUT His absolute faithfulness behind His creativeness flowing through you. I love this testimony. The canopy is stunning. YAY GOD!!!!!!!

  3. May I be nosy and ask the cost of the entire project? What a beautiful idea. (But mine would be a totally different color…I can see it in my mind now!) Miss you guys! God Bless!

  4. GLORY TO GOD! What it looks like to me at the head of the bed is an angel with hands on hips guarding your sleep place and keeping that hedge of protection on you! Blessed be the name of the Lord! Alleluia!

  5. Ok, THAT would be my dream bed!!! Gorgeous! What a beautiful blessing from Papa! He knows our the desires of our hearts and He lovingly blesses us and exceeds our hopes. He is so very good!!!

  6. BEAUTIFUL!!Beautiful restimony.

  7. oops 🙁 Testimony.

  8. Gorgeous! And so cool how God moves and speaks!

  9. I am speechless.

  10. Beautiful! Abba is so awesome and faithful!! Love you Meghan!!!!

  11. Wow! Gorgeous! 🙂 And what an amazing testimony!

  12. @Kathleen – Lol you can ask, but I’m not sure how to answer since I didn’t charge myself for my own labor 😉 Suffice it to say the silk canopy was considerably more than the  canopy bed!

    @Vicki – I receive that! Bless you 🙂

    @Tami – given that it’s a bed, RESTimony is appropriate 😉

  13. Breath taking, awesome and enough to leave one speechless

  14. That is absolutely beautiful testimony included!!! 🙂

  15. Beautiful!!! What a wonderful story!!

  16. WOW!!!! How wonderful!! Everytime you’ll look up, you’ll be reminded of the Aleph!! Loving everything about this testimony!!!

  17. Amazing!!!!

  18. Wow, that’s so amazing and beautiful!! What a blessing. 🙂

  19. Dramatic! Love the testimony and the pictures. I love how the Lord speaks.

  20. Wow…that is so amazing & beautiful ! I love how the Lord demonstrates His covering & love for us 🙂

  21. This is absolutely stunning! Beautiful Meghan!

  22. That is a nice project and I bet it was expensive. It’s very pretty. Not being nosy either, but who did you give your old canopy to that you had to get rid of? It would seem silly to throw something like that away that could be worth much. I sure would not do that with anything expensive of mine that someone else could have. Just wondering there. It is amazing at the messages and images that appear in your projects you do. There is no scientific explanation for those messages I don’t believe.

  23. @Tabitha – I donated it to some ladies who were doing a sale to raise money for a mission trip to Africa. 

    Whenever the Father tells me to purge something, I ALWAYS ask if it’s redeemable or not. When it is, it’s my joy to bless someone else 🙂

  24. I just noticed something. Meghan, in image number 12 (not sure how it comes up for you), but the one viewing the head of the bed and then a picture of you and your husband on the wall beside…. The background in the photo looks SO similar to what’s on your canopy. Is it one in the same?

  25. @Shelly – Good eye! It’s actually the Beloved style same as my comforter. They both have earthy red as the primary color and include mahogany which is why they favor each other.  🙂

  26. Awesome! God is so good, how He speaks His word to us and confirms it in so many ways.

  27. STUNNING! Ablsolutely beautiful. What came to me when I saw the horns and knowing that you lay yourselves on the bed was the horns on either end of the alter in the tabernacle. As you and Allen lay upon your bed you are offering your lives, your love, your marriage as a sacrifice to the Most High God and it is a very pleasing aroma to Him. It is your obedience, your humility, your submission, and your worship to him that you lay down on His altar daily.
    What a beautiful way to fall asleep and wake up to each day.

  28. It is absolutely stunning!! So rich in color and meaning! It makes me think of the King’s bedchamber..where intimacy is unsurpassed, love being lavished upon you both and the deep RICHES He has in store for you!! Awesome comments above too THey resonate loudly!!!

  29. The Father sent me here…I was just deciding I needed a canopy for my bed in my new home, that I was going to open my home up for praise and worship dance evenings for women of God in my large living room and discovered these incredible silk (my favorite fabric on the planet) veils to dance to the Lord, I already have been told by the Lord which colors He wants me to use and for which of His purposes. How marvelous are His ways?!!
    No, I read your statement of feeling nutty at times, you have an awesome God given ministry given to you by the Holy Spirit.
    May God continue to bless you and His smile shine upon your face and grace you continually with His forever Love.
    Your sister now,

  30. This is absolutely stunning! The pictures, the testimony, the silk itself! Wow! I’m in awe and amazement how He restores things and has made it even better than before.
    The horns… I am blown away!
    SO glad you have a beautiful canopy!

  31. wowee! veeeery pretty, an expression i usually don’t like to hear when i am flagging, yet it is good to recognize the beauty and power of His handiwork. i was thinking about how cool it would be to get away as often as possible and crawl underneath such a wonderful covering. i love the connection between the spiritual and physical. i think it is so cool how He tells us how to attract His attention and then when we move and act on that Word hidden things manifest that show us He is in control, leading, guiding, covering us. wow. love love love how you guys communicate! 🙂

  32. WOW! To be surrounded in such beauty all night long must be very peaceful. I hope to have a place of peace such as this some day.

  33. Mmm, that turned out very nice indeed! I LOVE the fact it has a physical representation of the letter/word and it’s over your bed portion. I’m giggling a bit from that 😉

  34. what a beautiful new season!

  35. Isn’t it awesome when God gets ready to take us into a new season and greater anointing we have to let go of some things. Beautiful!

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  37. […] My old canopy – redeemable, I had done MANY ungodly acts on the bed so *I* couldn’t keep it, but it was sold at a garage sale to raise funds for a mission trip.  Ironically when He finally released me to replace it I got the exact same one. […]

  38. […] This is a pair of XLR quills called Lord of All the Earth, which you have seen before in my canopy […]

  39. How beautiful what a testimony thank you for sharing 🙂

  40. I’m still looking at this two months later… I may start pricing canopy beds too… 🙂

  41. […] that is hidden in this image is one near and dear to my heart because it is the canopy over my bed (see pictures and read the testimony on our Dyed4you blog or one image below). Praying you are blessed by the art and its word […]

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