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Favorite Color & Verse

This is a quick testimony about a 22×72 silk a woman received and was blessed by 🙂

I am still astounded that the prayer scarf has my favorite colors and exactly what I wanted!

I never knew there was so much symbolism in colors and the things of God. I did know that favorite colors and personality were connected. But how amazing is it that the colors you chose from my favorite verse (and another wonderful prayer in Ephesians) are also my favorite colors? And just how I would have asked for it to look if I could have described what was in my mind! And on top of that, looks very pretty with blue eyes and blond hair.

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10 thoughts on “Favorite Color & Verse

  1. Abba is SO good!!!

  2. God our Father is so good. He knows us so well. So amazing His love for us.

  3. That is such a blessing! Papa knows you so well and He knew exactly what would speak right to your heart!!! Love this!!!

  4. Haha that’s Papa God at work again! 😀

  5. He is so Good!!!

  6. “He loves me so well…
    You love me in the blessing.
    You love me in the testing.
    You love me in the giving;
    you love me in the taking…” (Misty Edwars- You love me so well) ♪ ♫

    …I remembered that song. 😉 G-d is good.

  7. I too was astounded when God provided the money for me to get our four daughters a scarf with Psalm 91 scripture. It meant so much to me because that handwritten scripture from my grandmother was the scripture that my father had in his helmet when he went to Vietnam. God is good and gracious. Praise Him for His goodness and mercy endures forever!

  8. Such a blessing, His amazing love ! He loves you so much !!! I often wonder what He will say to me when I order a flag(s)….just waiting for His timing 🙂

  9. Lovely testimony! I love how HE loves us!!!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  10. I love how He is able to speak to each person so individually and precisely.

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