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Growing Understanding of His Word to Her

This is a neat story that has developed over a period of a year about a silk called Redeemed.  What I share below is her testimony from April 2011 followed by the one she sent today.  Awesome how Father works and I love that this embodies how Dyed4you silks are intended to keep speaking to you as you continue to dig into what Father is sharing through them!

You may also remember the testimony she shared about her Proclaimer silk 🙂

From April 2011

Hi Meghan. I hope all is well with you. I want to thank you again for the beautiful pillowcase and scarf I ordered. They are truly a blessing. As you know the pillowcase was a gift for my mother but the scarf was for me. And once again, it was timely.

I have been going through what I can only call a transformation. Totally surrendering my life to Jesus Christ, making an active effort to spend time in His presence, reading, praying, studying..and preparing to go from the single phase of my life to the married phase.

I’ve been asking God to teach me and show me how to be that Proverbs 31 wife He wants me to be. But in my praying and mediating I began to realize that there are some things that God has to heal inside of me before I am ready to step into that phase. I’ve come to truly understand that if I am to be that Godly wife, I must be completely healed and in order for me to be completely healed I must know and believe that I am truly redeemed. I must truly believe that He has redeemed me and that He truly loves me unconditionally. I am redeemed. Praise God!

That’s the name of the scarf that God placed on your heart for me. Redeemed. The scripture is Romans 5:7-8. I’ve been reading and mediating on the note which you sent me. It has truly blessed me. Day by day as I submit myself to Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, I find myself seeking Him more and receiving from Him more and more. I now specifically pray that God will stir up in me a passion to obey Him and be lead by Him.

This scarf and the first one I received from you, the Proclaimer, all tie together. God is preparing me for the ministry that He has planned for me and my family. Thank you Meghan for your ministry and your commitment to follow Him and be lead by Him. God Bless You.

From July 2012

Hi Meghan. I just had to send you an update on my scarf stories. The second scarf I received is named Redeemed. The scarf was anointed with His Passion. At the time I was a bit puzzled as to how it will relate to my life but I know in all words spoken into my life I wait on God to show me and tell me exactly His Truth.

The meaning of the scarf and the oil is very deep, not to be taken lightly at all. It caused me to stop and examine myself, my heart, my motives. Was I really living the life God wanted me to live or was I wanting my own thing and putting God into the equation? Was I seeking to do His will with all my heart? I felt I was. I believed I was but I knew I could do more.

His Passion has the scents which reflects Jesus Christ’s time here on Earth, his birth, his life and his burial. I found that to be very profound. His life was lived with passion for me. I realized that I did not live my life with the passion I should, His Passion.

Jump forward to the present, about a year or more later, and today I was reminded of the scarf and the oil. I know I am redeemed by His blood but I found it so hard to really believe. His blood has washed and cleansed me from my sin and my past but I had allowed my past to haunt me and to hold me back. God used someone to minister to me and help to really believe my redemption with all my being.

I have a dear friend who prays for my constantly and she told me today that for a while the Lord told her to tell me to read and meditate on the book of Jonah. She said He told her not to tell me right away, to wait for the right time. His time.

Well since my move to Virginia nothing has happened the way I thought it would have. I gave up my career, my home, my finances and moved expecting to be married and employed with a happy future. It’s been almost 9 months and I’m not married and I’m unemployed and I don’t have a dime to my name. Going through all this I have been humbled regarding my attitude towards others, humbled regarding my prejudices and my stubbornness.

All the issues I’ve being facing is laid out in the book of Jonah. I’ve been asking God lately to speak to me to show me the real reason why I am here. This morning my prayer partner gave me the message about reading Jonah. All I could say was perfect timing.

In reading Jonah I was reminded of the passion I did not have anymore and the oil came to mind. I remind myself daily that I am God’s child, hence the scarf Redeemed. I believe that this test will be a testimony which I will be able to tell many people which will point them to hope in Christ. Hence my first scarf the Proclaimer and the oil it was anointed with Hope. lol All I can say is wow! It all ties in. I don’t see it all clearly but my scarf stories are just beginning.

Thank you and God bless you for your obedience to God’s calling on your life. I move forward in Him with Hope to live with His Passion knowing I am Redeemed and so I will be His Proclaimer. 🙂

Please join with me in praying for grace for her in this season and that the fullness of His promises would be manifest as she continues to Proclaim HIS words!

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7 thoughts on “Growing Understanding of His Word to Her

  1. Beautiful Story!

  2. beautiful testimony

  3. What a awesome testimony! I cant’t wait to hear more of her story as she waits upon the Father to guide and direct her life.

  4. I so love that her scarf story CONTINUES!!!!! Amen! That’s what His word over us does (continues)! We don’t read it, put it away, and then we are finished! It’s a seed that is planted and grows. It continues on and on until He has finished His work in us. Thank you for sharing and reminding us that His word is eternal. It goes on and on. It is active in our lives and we can count on it and proclaim it and HANG ON to it! I could go on for miles with this one!!! 😉

  5. God bless you and Meghan! He is faithful and good. 🙂

  6. Meghan,
    I want to say LOL, but I am crying because I am in that EXACT same senario!
    God bless you and grant you revelation and strength.
    before honor comes humility.

  7. What a lovely story…like the alabaster jar, it needed to be broken before the precious fragrance could be released.

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