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Silk Displays

It’s fun to see what people do with their silks – even when they aren’t in use! Seeing a 6×24 tied to a purse has become a common use, or around a stuffed animal, or 35×84s hanging on the wall, or even flags hanging on the wall – the ones you see below are swing flags with Hebrew lettering added.

Below are a couple other displays and the quick story of the purse with the blue silk 🙂

Purse scarves … yes! My first 6×24 I had on my purse I gave away on my birthday this year. We were out with one of my closest friends, her children, and her parents and I felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to take it off my purse and tie it on my friend’s moms purse without telling her what it was or what I was doing.

Her husband instantly said, “I know what that is, that is a healing cloth, I see the Holy Spirit in it!”. She has not taken it off her purse since :). I have my second 6×24 on my purse now… it is a great conversation starter about Jesus and D4Y! It is the perfect size to tie on my wrist when needed or to use while praying in the car etc. You should totally keep one on your purse :).

Oh!  And I realize I should include my own stuffed animal that dons a 21×21 silk 😉
(She is named Precious, and the one above is Wally Koally)

View 6×24 / swing flags / Hebrew lettering / 35×84 / 21×21

13 thoughts on “Silk Displays

  1. i use my on my purse and love to tell folks that it is blessed and i have used to pray over folks with it,

  2. I love them as purse scarves! But I must say the little tie that came with the bag is probably my favorite. I use them as bookmarks in my Bible and I just love to look at them dangling out!

  3. I will have to get you a picture of Isaiah (now 19 months) wearing his. I know that wouldn’t fall under the category of “scarf display” but it’s so stinkin cute!

  4. Great ways to share and display D4Y silks!! Love it!!!!!

  5. I have one on my purse. During softball season, one of the girls on our AllStar team asked, “Mrs. Stephanie, what’s that on your purse”? I was able to share with her about it in the middle of softball. 🙂

  6. LOVE the displays.. I too have one on my pursse most the time 🙂

    I love displaying my silks… I have them in my front room and then of course my bedroom…

    Thank you for sharing!

  7. I love the purse scarf stories :o)

  8. Loved it! And how cuuute is Precious! ^^

  9. What an awesome way to display these beautiful scarves! 😀

  10. Now I totally need one for my purse!!! 😉

  11. Cool story. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  12. Very Insightful!
    I think I may have to figure out how to hang flags on the wall 🙂

  13. i’m new to dyed4you but a life time silk lover…so i’ve found that hanging my pretty scarves on the wall looks better than a lot of art i can’t afford.

    plus, the colors are are unbeatable and i change them around…but now i have found dyed4you.

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