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4 y-o Spontaneous Worship for Jesus

Prepare yourself for a LOT of cuteness here!  This is a pair of MW quills (medium wing quills) called Passion for His Glory – you may have seen my demo a few days ago.

Here we have several videos, the first is 4 year old Maddy singing a spontaneous worship song to Jesus, then Mom (Amanda) using her wings, and finally Maddy singing a song to me (Meghan)… let’s just say she is a BIG fan of Dyed4you! LOL 🙂

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12 thoughts on “4 y-o Spontaneous Worship for Jesus

  1. I love watching children worship it’s so cute,adorable. Loved it.

  2. Maddy is precious!!! I <3 the quills they are so pretty.

  3. The worshipping is awesome! Amanda, it was nice to see you worshipping too!

    Meghan, her song for your is so cute!


  4. That was too cute!! 🙂

  5. Cute indeed! Kids flagging just thrills my heart!

  6. I love her precious songs. I felt that gentle nudge in my spirit saying, “I want you to come to Me like that little child. I want your heart to be open to Me and My kingdom like hers is so open to Me. She has given Me pleasing worship”.

    And *I love Mrs. Meghan*, too. And *she is so beautiful and sweet and kind*!!! I totally second that little Ms. Maddy!!! 🙂

    Amanda, you’re a great momma!!! <3

  7. Maddy singing with the cicada bug playing tambourine as she raised her voice – truly the sound of heaven

  8. it blesses my heart no end to see children familiar with instruments of praise, worshiping from their pure hearts. Meghan, I can imagine you grinning really big every time you think of this set of videos. I pray that I can seriously be in love with an expotential number of Dyed4You silks cause the number keeps growing and growing and growing!!!

  9. No wonder, “Jesus Loves The Little Children, All The Children Of The World.”

    Absolutely beautiful to behold, mother- child- wing quills.

  10. THIS is adorable!! Makes me tear up when I see children worshipping with the flags, just knowing how happy it makes Papa God. 🙂

  11. When do we get “like” and “love” buttons for the blog?? jk Loving the videos and all the comments above….so sweet…love watching Maddy in action–as well as her Momma! Amanda, I love your heart for God and your family! I wish I knew you more…but you really do ROCK and you inspire me!! Praying for you!

  12. Kids are always the best! And Maddy is so adoreable.

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