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Birthing with her Birthing Silk

This is a short scarf story that was shared with me that I wanted to pass along to you all about a 5mm semicircle Birthing {babies} silk 🙂

A pregnant woman came to me and wanted to order a scarf to have with her during the birth of her daughter.  Immediately, the Father brought to mind the Birthing {babies} silk. I second guessed Him at first because I’d always thought of it as being for people wanting to conceive and she was very much already with child! He reminded me ALL children are miracles from Him and so I obeyed.

She had originally said to me just to do a small silk, but what He showed me was the big 5mm semicircle.  I confess I hate it when He shows me things that cost others more money and that appear to benefit me – it feels self-serving even though that isn’t my heart, but I am always concerned it will appear that way. But I knew what I’d seen, so I sheepishly went to her and told her He’d showed me a different size silk – a much larger one.  She deferred to what He’d shown me and I discovered later was incredibly glad she had.

She had 2 things with her during her birthing process and the silk was one of them. She ended up being wrapped in her Birthing silk through the bulk of the birthing process and having it be such a large size truly brought such peace and comfort – like Father’s arms being wrapped around her – fear melting away.

And when her daughter was born, she wrapped her up in the silk 🙂

She was so blessed by her Birthing silk, she told another pregnant woman in her congregation that she should get one too (and she already has, that will be a scarf story too… but you’ll have to wait a few months yet for the whole story!) 🙂

As I’ve said in other posts, the silks aren’t good luck charms, but the fact is that tangible reminders of His promises can be really helpful and encouraging!

As I typed this story up, I also sense Father showing me that her having the silk with her during labor is actually like a prophetic act that comes into agreement with the others who have the Birthing {babies} silk who are standing in faith for their little miracles.  Father, may it be so!  Amen!!!

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14 thoughts on “Birthing with her Birthing Silk

  1. What a precious story. I love God stories, and people being obedient to what they hear Him say. Love you ministry

  2. WOW!!!! Abba is SOO good!!! He blessed HER and all who have the birthing silk through her!!!! This is an awesome testimony and a beautiful representation of the heart of our beloved Father. Thank you Yeshúa!!

  3. Awesome God is he.

  4. AMEN!!!!!! SO beautiful!!! He is GOOD!

  5. Jesus is always present when woman is giving birth and He is always present help! and these silks are blessing from Him and i’m more than sure that it’s awesome during the birth to have that soft and mighty touch of Him through this silk.

    i have gave birth to 6 kids and know what i’m talking, even didn’t know that i can have silk – pappa has something other for me. but, this is precius testimony.

  6. I’ve heard and experienced the healing clothes. When they would pray over and annoint the hankies and then people would put them under the matress or in the sheets of the person that was sick and they would be healed. This story reminded me of that. Just one more way of prophesying of our children I think that’s awsome!!!

  7. love this, having the silks for birthing testifies to the faith of the mothers. I cannot even imagine how this magnifies the inheritance of the childrens faith!! Thank You Jesus!!

  8. That is a beautiful story. I, too, have a silk such as this and know the incredible love and comfort that the anointed semi-circle of silk can give to the wearer. Imagine being cloaked in one during the birth of one’s child and then to wrap one’s baby in anointed silk…oh Papa…what a delightful way to begin life!
    Than you, Meghan…again.

  9. I love this testimony but I was also wondering is there a scarf for birthing things in the spirit, for intercessors?

  10. @Vickie – Oh yes absolutely! Here’s the history on both:

  11. Wonderful testimony!

  12. A very interesting and moving story. Loved it!

  13. Liking this one a lot, how precious is our Lord.

  14. Abba, Father, Daddy, He is all these things to all of His children!! Our Lord is so precious,kind,loving and caring!! Wrapping His arms around us,in our time of need,to comfort and just love on us!! Glory to The King of Kings,The Most High!!!

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