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FYI: Quill Breakthrough (aka How-To Get Quills Repaired)

Wanted to give you an FYI that with quills sometimes breakthrough happens. The good news is what we’ve learned is when breakthrough happens in the physical realm, it is often a manifestation of it having happened in the spiritual realm (I have a great scarf story I heard recently on a quill breakthrough I’m looking forward to sharing soon)!

Sometimes in the physical realm that manifests as a tip bursting through the ribbon, sometimes the quill itself will break. No worries though, our friends at Prophetic Worship Banners will do repairs at a very modest rate: $7 per quill and $6 to cover shipping costs (see her comment below for more info). Simply fill out the Quill Repair Form and drop it in the mail with your quills and payment (see the how-to for info on packaging the quills to send them in). It can take up to 5 weeks to repair (depending on how busy they are) – so please be patient!

Please note: quills are delicate so if we find that yours are being broken due to improper or heavy use, Prophetic Worship Banners reserves the right to stop doing repairs on them. Examples are allowing children to repeatedly pick up and snap the quills (we understand it happening once – heck Nickol from Prophetic Worship Banners has a houseful of kids – I’m SURE it’s happened to her at some point!), sword fighting with the quills, etc.

Please be a good steward of your quills and send in any that have had breakthrough right away before any further damage can occur!

In closing, I just want to encourage you that if you do experience quill breakthrough (or quill breakthru as I often call it), don’t be discouraged by the physical inconvenience, seek the Father about what the spiritual breakthrough was!

And if you’ve had quill breakthrough – feel free to share your testimony of breakthrough below! What was YOUR breakthrough? 🙂

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15 thoughts on “FYI: Quill Breakthrough (aka How-To Get Quills Repaired)

  1. Hello friends!
    I am also constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the durability of the quills which includes switching suppliers for a stronger casing and various other ways to improve your banners. It is never my intent to have your flags come back for repair (there is no planned obsolescence in them) nor is it my intent to profit. The flat rate $7 is simply for supplies/equipment generally needed in repairing the banners.
    I too experience breakthrough, usually during anointed worship. Sometimes the breakthrough is so strong it recoils (boing!) to let me know that God has done it.
    Blessings on your worship!

  2. hi, blessings, always read your posts, I have made it interesting to use these flags, perhaps over time the purchase, now I do not have the money, here in Mexico had never seen, I’m in a dance ministry where we use flags, tambourines, streamers, fans, etc., would be beautiful to use some of these ….. because we are more attached to the ministry shachah. god bless you greetings.

  3. I am so loving my new quill flag. I can play music through my turner that is hooked up to our TV throughout my home and outside as well. Yesterday I put in my Patmos CD and I grabbed my quill and prayed in the spirit with my quill in every room of my home. Woohoo. I watched the live stream from Passion for Truth yesterday and and joined in the worship with my quill flag. I recorded some of it but I accidently deleted it from my phone. I am going to have to record some video for you. I find I am not as creative with my quill as I am with the swing flags but I think I like the quill better. I will be watching to see if more singles come available in the future.

  4. @Jeanne – You will be excited to hear that I will be adding a new size – MR (medium round is the rounded edge version of the one you got) – and they WILL be available in singles 😉

    Look forward to seeing your video when you shoot it!

  5. Thanks for the info Meghan!! I love my quills! Would love to hear a quill breakthrough story or two!

  6. yes, we want stories!

  7. very interesting that I should be reading this today as I just had a quill breakthru this morning during praise and worship. It was the tip poking thru. I have it back in and I just dont know if I can part with them long enough to repair so will nurse it for awhile. it was kind of a breakthru for me today. my family, daughter, new son in law and two of my grand babies were here visiting. They have never seen me worship with the flags before. I was nervous doing it in front of them for both my own issues and I was worried it might freak them out also as they do not usualy attend church let alone one that worships like ours. was good,, very good.

  8. love you sister thank you for shareing with us god bless you more and more siter be praying for irsal this week things our moveing so fast, i am ready but i want to take alot folks with me to heven, sister god is giveing me my house back after 20 yr i was divorce and devil stole my house the lord told me that every thing the devil as stolen from me is comeing back this year i got that word three times last week by three differt precher sis lady came hug me she fell on floor and got up specking in touge she had been told that holy sprit was for precher teacher i said no women god said who so ever, i am specking tor night at rehab and sister other guy last week from other church here was going loose his toe, i said no he will not my jesus is the same yertday and tor, and stood on the word of god, and god helead is toe, then the doctor come gave other bad report and i said no you our not going to take that toe, they have three little kids the man as to work wife stay home and they both serve the lord. sister i am full running over he said judy it is supernaurasal step out and i am going to show you things that you have nerver seen, i have preched to my trees in my yard for years sister god is opeing the door of heven for me.

  9. Well, Glory to God,it is just all very exciting! Looking forward to getting what Abba puts on my heart to worship with and am starting to trust it will be exactly what He divines.

  10. I had a breakthrough with my Guill which was ordered by my friend, she bought it for herself and realized it was not for her but for me. I love it and the same week she gave it to me the tip of the guill came through and the cap came off. I love these and like someone said I do not know if i want to part with them to be repaired. I know the Lord heals through worship because I have had the experience.

  11. Glad you posted the info Meghan. And Karen D., I like your post! Bless y’all.

  12. have to add to my breakthru story from above because it was not only a breakthru for me but also a breakthru for my daughter. Several years ago my daughter finaly became involved in her church and her whole family got saved. Very soon after that, her husband left her and their 4 children for another woman at Christmas time. to make matters worse the woman lived next door to the church my daughter attended. As has happened with me and I am sure a lot of folk, my daughter got very angry at God for her circumstances and walked away from Him. It is now several years later and she has remarried. She is happier than she has ever been. My Abba works all things to the good for those who love Him and who are called…

    On the day I had the quill breakthru, she went to church with me. The first time since her ex husband left her. All during worship her eyes just swam. The teaching itself was on pruning and really touched her. Altho she is not back to attending church on a regular basis, she is talking to her Abba again and sees His Mighty Hand in her life, so yes, definitely breakthru. Thank You Jesus.

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