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God Answering Her Questions

Recently, I had someone order a scarf for someone who is Russian and speaks no English. I have a Facebook friend who is Russian – someone I had never met before, but was acquainted with through mutual friends because she is part of our online church family – and so I contacted her and asked if she would translate for me, which she was happy to do. As a thank you, Father instructed me to send her a silk of her own 🙂

Yesterday, she tried to contact me to thank me for her gift. She was crying so hard in her message that she finally just had to hang up because she could no longer speak. Father had touched her that deeply with her gift. The story I’m sharing with you here is from the two messages she left me as well as from our phone conversation.

She and her family have been going through a very trying season. It’s been so difficult that on a particular day she had finally just asked the Father is He even knew her! She’d cried out about how alone she and her family felt. She had asked Him if and how He was going to protect her. Her heart just cried out these questions to Him from the depth of her being.

Immediately after pouring her heart out to the Father, she opened the package that she had received from Dyed4you. Inside was a silk called In the Charge of Angels. Instantaneously she felt this wave of shalom come over her, a tsunami of peace.

She saw that the silk was her favorite colors and was so blessed at Father’s attention to detail, but still nothing prepared her for what she read in the letter. She said it was the clearest and loudest she’d ever heard God’s voice, it felt like the Father Himself had written her a letter because He addressed the questions she had just asked Him point-by-point. It was such an encouragement!

She had asked Him if He even knew her and in the letter it speaks to the fact that He knows her and every detailed aspect of her life and every need – “every area of vulnerability, every desire for comfort and safety, every uncertainty”.

She’d spoken of being alone and He’d said “This silk is a tangible reminder that there are many more ‘with us’ than against us.”

She’d asked how He was going to protect her and not only did He remind her His angels were covering and protecting her, but He also said to her that “You are under the camouflage of the Holy Spirit, much like the covering the Lord extended in Luke 4:29-30, ‘And they rose up and drove him out of the town and brought him to the brow of the hill on which their town was built, so that they could throw him down the cliff. But passing through their midst, he went away.'”

Point-by-point He had addressed her specific questions and concerns. And He’d answered them before she had even asked. She was overwhelmed by His peace and truly felt it in a way that surpassed human understanding. Even her husband could see the tangible shift in her and he too was blessed as he read the letter.

And finally, let me share her exact words from one of her messages:

I’m VERY blessed with this beautiful scarf you gave me! It will be on my neck every time I go, wherever I go. It is my favorite. It’s the best I ever had!

I desire the best from our Father for your marvelous ministry! You just bless so many people, it’s just incredible. Those scarves are truly alive and they speak to the hearts of His people. They are alive! And they can talk – they speak! This is truly anointing! Hallelujah!

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20 thoughts on “God Answering Her Questions

  1. Ahhh. What a beauty! The scarves talk… This is true, indeed! I have heard The Voice as well. I like that you posted it at 2:22 there is truly a multiplication of blessing on this work of the Lord! 🙂

  2. He is Amazing! It’s hard not to get choked up over this story! Pray they continue in His amazing peace, protection and provision. If He does it for one, He does it for all that call out to Him. I pray too that all who read or hear her story are encouraged. I am!

  3. This is literally making me cry with thankfulness for how good He is!!! …I am so so overwhelmed by how amazing He is!

  4. Beautiful story of God’s love and faithfulness to our tender hearts. God is so good!

  5. our Abba’s kisses are the very best and Meghan Rainbow Seed is the best at throwing them where they need to go!! lol. Thank you so much Abba for what you did for our sister!!

  6. Wow…this story made me just cry, its OK to ask Him questions, He hears our hearts cry even when we dont have words for it… thank you for sharing :o)

  7. Oh my goodnes!!!!!! WOW!!!!!! THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING GIFT… AND STORY!!!! …I’m sooo happy right now… Abba is gooood. Thanks for sharing :D!

  8. This brought tears to my eyes! I love how Father God speaks!

  9. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story. It encourages me to wait for the answers to my many questions. The Father does hear us.

  10. Absolutely AWESOME! thanks for sharing. May there be continued blessing for her and for Dyed4You!!!


  11. Meghan:
    once again perfect timing!!

  12. Oh, my goodness, when He lets it rain, He lets it pour.

    This is a breath-taking share.

    *Karen Douglas…Meghan Rainbow Seed :))

  13. Father is good to us!! What a beautiful testimony of His amazing love!!

  14. Thank You Father for ministering to her and You care about every detail of our lives. Lord Your anointing is transferable and through these scarfs it is a tangible way you touch us.

  15. He never fails to plan ahead and it never ceases to amaze me that the healing begins before we even cry out to Him.

  16. Thank-You Abba, and Thank-You Meghan. Great is thy faithfulness O Lord. It may not seem like it but it is part of the walking by faith. Thank- You Lord for blessing this sister and blessing Meghan. As You say O Lord above and beyond what we can think, ask, or imagine.

  17. Wonderful scarf story! In God’s timing, everything is perfect. 🙂 So blessing. Thank you Papa for ministering your love through Dyed 4 You and showing this woman that you are indeed in love with her and her family. 🙂

  18. Reading stories like this one…His attention to detail and perfect timing…perfect words He gives just becuase of His grace and love….makes me wonder why I have moments where I doubt His love….thank you for sharing another example!!! He truly does want to lavish His love on us! I pray that I learn to accept it more..and anyone else who may need to open their hands and arms to be swept up into His embrace and grab the blessings and love He desires to send our way…

  19. Beautiful!

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