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Staking Their City

This is a fun story about a prayer journey a group of kids went on equipped with a single M (35″ petite) quill for each of them!  We hear the story shared by one of the parents (and a quick not from her son) and the gift giver (and youth leader).  Lots of pictures to enjoy – you can feel the Father smiling at His children!

The mom first shared that all her son wanted to write was “While we were flagging, Papa God was like, holding me in His hands.” 🙂

And here is her story…

At first, I was a little intimidated because I knew being a public place, there would be a lot of people there who had no idea what we were doing. I had only flagged outside of my home a couple of times at that point. It’s just always seemed intimate to me. I did a little flagging there, but I kept going back to my camera.

It wasn’t long before I figured out that I was supposed to capture these moments of this new generation being so free. These kids are awesome! They are warriors and beloved princes and princesses. A couple of the photos captured the beauty that could be seen.

But the earthly camera could never capture the love and happiness that was showing up that night. We were releasing hope. We were releasing peace, love. And best of all, we were releasing Kingdom. It was such an honor for me to be there and share that.

With a generation of Kingdom Kids, taught to hear Papa God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, taught to know what that voice is, and learning that Papa God wants a relationship with them right now…well, that’s pretty powerful and there’s no way this city can go unchanged with a generation like that.

It’s like a drop of water in a still lake, it spreads rings outward. It only takes a few strategically placed drops of water to touch every part of the lake and so none of it can stay the same forever.

Later, I asked Jesus to show me where he was while we were flagging. Haha. He’s just like a kid, running with his own flag, flying around, getting all caught up in the children’s flags, loving on us, and so full of joy and laughter. I’m so privileged to witness that and I’m SO excited for what’s to come!!”

(make sure to see the rest of the story below the pictures!)

And this gives the whole story 🙂

It started about three years ago when I was laying on my couch between services on a Sunday afternoon. I felt like I was supposed to go do something so I got up, took my daughter in law and went downtown to the Oklahoma City National Memorial. We spent the afternoon there prayer walking and as I sat down on one of the tiers of grass I seen a picture from heaven. God was showing me that He was lowering down a ‘tent’ over the entire block of the memorial establishing His presence, home, kingdom over our city.

I shared this with our intercessors and with our body. After much prayer and seeking God we set out to prophetically establish His tent by ‘staking’ the pegs into the streets on each corner of the block. The ‘stakes’ were big washers that were printed with four of the names of God. Jehovah Shammah (the Lord is there), Jehovah Rophe (the Lord heals), Jehovah M’Kaddesh (the One who sanctifies) and Jehovah Tsidkenu (the Lord Our Righteousness).

We as a body have been contending for our city for quite some time and now is the time when it is clear that God is saying ‘that which you have prayed for is this’. (This is so much more then just the ministry that you see shown, but this is without a doubt ushering in our King!)

Over the course of the past two years we have been working with our Kingdom Kids to establish their ability to hear from God, to walk in His giftings and to know who they are in Him. To establish a desire for intimate relationship with our Papa God. Oh how these young people have flourished!

They pray over people in their neighborhood, they are beginning to speak in their prayer languages and they worship and love God! The time came when I felt like I wanted to bless our Kingdom Kids with their own prophetically dyed worship flags, and wow! What an amazing response from their hearts! There are stories there still waiting to be written, the impact that simple act has had, not only here in Oklahoma but also, all the way to India.

But I digress… three weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending the evening with friends. We went to dinner a movie and then we flagged in the top parking lot of Penn Square Mall. During that time I asked what they wanted to release over our city. And they responded with peace, love, freedom, a force-field of protection, healing.

Security came up and even they didn’t ask us to stop our ministry, they just drove around us and then left which I believe was a God thing in itself! As we closed the evening we were talking and I was telling the kids about what God had showed me three years ago at the bombing memorial and they asked if we could set a time before I left to go to California to hang out again and to specifically go and flag at the Memorial. We set a date and then I shared with our body what we were planning to do and invited anybody else who might like to come and join for an evening of worship, flagging, prophetic art and fun at the Oklahoma National Memorial.

We spent three and a half hours doing glorious worship with hearts filled with joy over our city and nation. As God spreads His table before us, we respond to His heart, His voice and His call. These kids are shaping the future with gentle yielded hearts and the voice of a Lion who loves like a Lamb. This is the fruit of those prayers and our heart for our children.

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14 thoughts on “Staking Their City

  1. My sweet sister blessing to you and your family thank you for shareing with us, sister kim clement said this is the year of the youth and sister i praise god for this babies they bless me just watching them praise the daddy god love you

  2. awesome testimony of God’s love for his children and His anointing upon them!

  3. The love on the faces of the young worshipers is so evident. I loved it, it touched a cord within me.

  4. thank you for sharing this. this is so inspirational. yes, it’s too beautiful!!!!
    glad to hear this powerful testimony and pictures are speaking millions words.

    may the Lord bless you for your love to Him and open every doors to this precious kids and their love for Pappa and for their country


  5. beautiful. This is what i felt like as a kid, I couldn’t hold still, i loved to dance.

  6. Awesome

  7. Awesome! Dancing and flagging over your city, state, and our nation! What a fantastic way to show the next generation how to worship and bless!

    Keep it up!!


  8. Love this!! ~ God is so AWESOME!!!!

  9. Wow!!!!!! I live here in OKC & as I scrolled down thru the pics, I began to recognize where you were. I would have loved to be a part of that 🙂 Perhaps next time !!! I loved the freedom & joy, His Kingdom being released over this city, many have been praying over the state & city for a long time, & the Lord is bringing great changes ! The Lord Jesus rules over OKC & Oklahoma, much love & great blessings to you & all the princes & princesses 😉 Thank you for sharing !

  10. I especially liked when the children were “on the wall”. I think that is a prophetic statement for their futures. And also great that the words on the wall declare victory and overcoming. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing this event.

  11. Very lovely and encouraging 🙂 I Love the “tent pegs”!

  12. Meghan, thank you for being a part of this and sharing. <3 What a generation of worshippers, intercessors, artists, evangelists, prophets, apostles, teachers and pastors are being birthed with such joy and freedom. What a glorious honor to be able to be a part of what God is doing in these kids. I love these kids, so much & I love what God is doing in my city, state and country, indeed, what He is doing all over the world.

  13. Sooooooooooo amazing! Such hope being birthed through this. Powerful beyond belief. I just know that that city was shaken in ways that none of us may ever understand. We are all looking at pictures of some world changers and giant slayers. God pour out in abundance on these kids and thank you for birthing revelation of divine purpose God!

  14. Very cool!

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