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Duplicate Silks

Some of you may remember me sharing a post called Releasing Control, where I talk about how Father has used the dyeing process to take me to deeper levels of releasing control to Him (if you didn’t read it, before it’s a good one).  Well, He’s taking me to a new level 🙂

Recently, He told me I’m not to keep track of who has gotten which style silk. Now I don’t mean if you forget the name I can’t look it up, what I mean is it isn’t tracked in a way that lets me easily check whether I have sent you one of a particular style before. In other words, it is possible you might get sent the same style twice.

I will admit. This stretches me – a lot actually – and I argued with Him about it at some length until He reminded me of the two instances it had already happened.

In the first instance, He was reiterating a word to someone as well as giving her an additional impartation because He was having me send some of my personal flags. Very much a “God thing”

In the second instance (which I’m hoping to eventually have the full scarf story on), someone rebuffed a Dyed4you silk gift from a friend because it was not her color preference (red hair not wanting to wear something pinkish).

Months later a different person bought a gift (I was not told for who and didn’t even know she knew the other woman) and she was sent the exact same silk in a different size – they actually had even been dyed together and it had been waiting for the recipient the Father highlighted. Well needless to say she received it this time and wore it… it was very much a “God thing” as well

In other words, in the moments I’d “missed it” and sent the same silk – it had been HIS plan all along.  I began to understand He was wanting me to get out of His way and not burden myself with administration trying to keep track, but instead simply release yet another area to Him… one I didn’t even realize I hadn’t released.

All that to say, if you happen to get the same style twice, I pray Father shows you WHY and I hope you will share your story so others can be encouraged as well 🙂

9 thoughts on “Duplicate Silks

  1. I can absolutely assure you that if you happen to receive the same silk twice it IS very much a God thing. When He repeats Himself it is because that particular word is exceptional. It is a rare occurence and quite a privilege to have the Father speak to you the same word twice. Don’t turn away the word or settle in a sense of disappointment when the Fathers desire is to actively engage your heart and in some instances affirm or provide direction. He is so good and He knows just exactly what it is that we need. <3

  2. Yes! I get it and WHEW!!!! Breathe and let go!!! blessings to you and this ever-incredible ministry 🙂 <3

  3. Meghan, you are so precious !!!! Thank you for sharing how Father teaches & leads you, it is so encouraging to me & so many others….He DOES know exactly what we need, & what our hearts cry is, & what He longs to speak over us & impart to us…I love Him so !!!! Blessings & much love to you ;o)

  4. Amazing how when we let go, and let HIM be in control, He can do so much more then we ever thought possible!! That’s how I met my hubby 🙂

  5. Yes, I agree. I’m in a Let Go and Let God season now. His provision is absolutely perfect. Thanks for sharing your God adventures with us.

  6. What a cool thing! May Abba continue to guide you in all things and bring you hugher and higher!


  7. I am hearing “double portion” in all of this. as you continue to follow His will and leading, He is giving you double portion and anointing on the work of your hands and heart.

  8. Very much agree with the ladies that have posted before me. I once heard that if G-d says something -of course- it is very important. If he says it twice, it is VERY VERY important. And if He says it again, then it is SUPER important! ^^

  9. Hi Meghan,
    Question for you. Is it possible to receive a copy of the letter that came with a lil we have purchased in the past? I lost a letter in a move and was hoping to recover it.
    Thank you

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