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How-To Pick YOUR Quill

I realized we were in need of an updated How-To Pick YOUR Quill post since we’ve added a bunch of sizes and renamed our sizing. All our current quill sizes are represented in this post with the exception of the mini (which you can see here).

Also some info has been expounded in other places like the Dowel vs Quill Wing Comparison and the Flag Comparison page (which compares 8 different flag products – quill flags and quill wings being 2 of the 8). I also have a quick how-to on using them.

With that said, let’s start with an overview on quills. This video covers the properties that all quills have in common. I mention quill breakthrough in the video and so I wanted to give the link to that post too.

Next let’s move into the comparison of the sizes (and for point of reference I’m about 5’4″ tall).

Quill Flags

  • S* (approx 30×35″ each) – pair only (see demo video)
  • M formerly 35″ Petite (approx 35×41″ each) – pair only (see demo video)
  • MR* (approx 35×35″ each) – available in a single or a pair (see demo video)
  • L formerly 35″ (approx 35×53″ each) – pair only (see demo video)
  • XL formerly 45″ (approx 45×53″ each) – pair only (see demo video)
  • XLR formerly 45″ Round (approx 45×51″ with a rounded edge)  – pair only (see demo video)
  • Mini (21″ square sold individually – great for small children) – available in a single or a pair (see demo video)

Quill Wings

  • MW* (approx 36×72″) – available in a single or a pair (see demo video)
  • XLW (approx 45×104″) – available in a single or a pair (see demo video)

* these have serged edges. For a picture (or to see pricing info), visit our quills page.

Some video grabs I thought might be helpful 😉

View quills

7 thoughts on “How-To Pick YOUR Quill

  1. […] For the complete low-down on quills check out How-To pick YOUR quill […]

  2. Looking at all of your silks (on quills or not) just makes me so happy. Of course, I’d LOVE to have one of EVERYTHING you make, but… I just get such a joy and peace looking at the work you do that our wonderful, loving Father places in you. It is a true blessing to witness His beauty through them. It just made my whole day! 

  3. I think I have viewed the videos about three times now. I agree with Stephanie your silks make me happy in the Lord. You are so gifted, and it shows in all of your silks, quills and flags. You are such a blessing giving information, taking the time to pray about the silks, and sharing your talents from the Lord. May He bless you for ministering in this way.

  4. Great, great video! And… ♥.♥ Uuu… Man handles… 😀

  5. Wow. Beautiful worship. I will have to pray about a pair of the quills. The Lord has blessed me with a dance ministry, after years in the wilderness, i am now a willing vessel. The quills will only add to the powerful move of the Holy Spirit.

  6. Praising you for your ministry through the use of silk.

  7. oooh I like them 😀 Thanks for going through all of that! Very informative

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