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Breakthrough in Worship among Youth

You all may remember seeing AJ before with his swing flags (1st video, 2nd video), which also make a brief appearance in this video… but mostly this video is His pair of 35×84 voi called Prophetic Glory. He also takes the silk off and uses it as a wing as well as dancing with it – all beautiful!

He also shares a bit about the video (which he apologizes for being long, but I for one was NOT disappointed by that! LOL) as well as an awesome testimony of the breakthrough in worship with the youth at his church where he is a leader:

The video is pretty long, but that is because I just recorded some worship time at the church and edited it later. I kind of want to give you some background on what’s happening in the video though.

About a week ago I was worshiping using my voi. I was proclaiming over the youth of our church when God gave me an idea. He told me to attach the 2 voi together. I did this simply by attaching the c-ring on the handle of one voi to the weight on the other voi, in essence making a double voi. They’re much larger and of course would be pretty much impossible to use in a corporate setting, but the power I felt released was incredible. I used them about halfway through the video.

In middle of the session I was recording, I saw a spare dowel rod leaning against the wall which gave me another idea. I untied the silk from my voi and simply tied it to the end of the rod in the same way it was tied to the voi. This way I could either use it as a faux streamer, or a flag if I grabbed the material where I held the rod. Like I said, the video is pretty long and I apologize for that, but thought you might enjoy the variance.

I also wanted to give you this testimony about my flags. This past march I stepped into the role of youth leader. I’m not an ordained pastor yet, so I’m not technically the youth pastor and still report to the youth pastor whom I replaced (my spiritual father who is now the senior pastor of our church).

I’ve always been huge on worship. I was the youth worship leader and our group always praised the Father passionately. But in the past year, our group has almost completely changed mostly because of graduating seniors or kids moving, with only a few teens still attending that attended when Caleb was still leading.

For months it seemed like the kids simply weren’t entering into worship. I had absolutely no clue how to get them to engage, which was never an issue with the group of previous years. Then I ordered my swing flags. The teens that attended both youth and Sunday church (which most did not) fell in love with them instantly.

Shortly after we went on a youth camp-out and I decided to bring my flags with. During one of the worship sets, a young girl asked if I could show her how to wave them. I showed her and away she went flagging. Before I knew it, I was being mobbed with requests of ‘Can I try next!’ My voi came in the mail the very next day.

That Wednesday at youth, I brought them along with my swing flags. And I didn’t get to use them hardly at all! All of a sudden the kids were waving their hearts out and worshiping with all their might. In one week our worship was transformed.

The funny thing is that our church had flags before and only two of the kids ever used them. Now I’m lucky if I get to wave them on Wednesdays at all! The best part is that because we only have so many, some kids have to wait for the next song. But in the mean time, they are staying completely engaged in worship! The kids are having incredible encounters, to the point of feeling the Lord physically manifest right next to them or holding them.

Praise God for breakthrough! and again thank you for your heart and continuing on in your amazing ministry!

View voi / swing flags

20 thoughts on “Breakthrough in Worship among Youth

  1. Oh my! How beautiful! I totally love where he connects the two voi together. It looks awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!! Blessings and may the youth in your church continue to worship mightily!

  2. I could sit here all day and watch AJ worship with his flags. May the youth in his church have an ever increasing hunger to worship Yahweh with the same passion AJ has. =)

  3. That was astounding. He lead me into worship sitting here at my computer watching this! Thank you for sharing. I can’t wait til the Lord releases me to buy my own silks. I started worshiping by using sign language (because i can’t sing and ) because it was more than me. These silk are an extension to our own body’s and our worship. Beautiful. Thank you AJ, it was wondeful to see men in passionate worship.

  4. Wow! I LOVE to watch him worship! So much passion, and such inspiration! Makes me want to dance too! 🙂 I love to hear about how the flags have brought breakthrough to the youth! SO cool!

  5. this is awesome. I love the variation of the silk tied to a dowel 🙂 and I always love love love the voi

  6. so cool!

  7. So amazing! AJ ~ love your passion!

  8. GLORY!!!!!! Hallelujah!!! You have such a powerful annointing on your life!!!! I can’t imagine anyone seeing that and not being able to encounter God…. Praise God for you man!!!!!! Keep imparting to the next generation!!!!!

  9. WOW, what more is there to say but WOW?
    Thank you so much for sharing this.

  10. thank you AJ for sharing with us. it’s awesome to see young man has so passionate love for the Lord.
    may your passion for Jesus bring many more in the Kingdom to worship Him even with more passion than you have now and that you grow each day in it more and more in Jesus name!

    Meghan, thanks for posting this – this video has so much freedom in it – it’s a blessing to watch it: one can worship and also watch for learning, double blessing to us and to you who post it and AJ even more blessing because he worships and did it

    one can’t miss blessing when worships!!!

  11. I absolutely love your passionate, anointed and genuine adoration for HIM! I am pretty sure it touches his heart, it sure does mine. You are such a pure man of God.

  12. AJ. always a blessing to worship thru your worsip. never apologize for length. love your love for the Lord. there is strength and passion in your flagging. very needful in our men.

  13. there was only one thing wrong with this video, it wasnt long enough. I could watch this worship for hours……Thank you for sharing AJ.

  14. O.M.G love an going to pray for you ministey that you can get some more banners ,flags:) love an shalom an Yahweh Yahshua richley bless you my brother

  15. It blesses my heart to watch a man flag for Jesus. There was such passion and fire in his worship that I could just envision King David dancing before the Lord. Praise Father that He is raising up men with a heart like His to worship with abandon and zeal! Bring more faithful men out, Father, who will worship You with boldness. Bless the men who are up and coming with Your holy fire. Burn bright in them, Lord, that all who are witness cannot deny Your presence. May they worship You in spirit and in truth.
    I loved watching the voi. They are beautiful. The swing flags — beautiful as well, but neither can compare with the heart of the one who held them nor his fragrant worship to the One he was giving his adoration to. Thank you for sharing that intimate moment with us. We are blessed to have been allowed into it. 🙂

  16. had to come back and watch again. will be one of many times I think. wow.

  17. Wonderful worship. wonderful testimony. We are currently in an awesome Move of God. An unscheduled revival where He is rushing through and changing us and our young people. It has been a prayer of ours for a while. So it is wonderful to hear about a tool that can be used to engage the young people in true worship. Wonderful to see a young man worshipping the Lord. Thanks for sharing.

  18. I could tell that you were totally into the worship, and weren’t afraid to step out and let god take over. It was so beautiful and touching! great job and have fun with you flags and voi!

  19. I love love love love(did I say LOVE) this video 😀 I find myself coming back to it again and again and again…. Megan, thank you so much for this ministry, I find myself coming out of my shell and entering into abandoned worship, and it is so Delicious!

  20. It is such a joy to watch AJ’s videos. You can feel the anointing on his life. The youth at his church are so blessed to have him as their leader. May Hashem continually pour out his blessings on AJ.

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