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A Child Enjoying LFH Quills

Karen-LFH-kidI know this isn’t the first time you’ve seen Righteous Warfare special order LFH quill flags being used by a child (you may remember these here), but it’s always so sweet to see the children worshiping unashamedly!

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14 thoughts on “A Child Enjoying LFH Quills

  1. Our banner worship started as a kid’s ministry and has spread like fire through our whole church! This video makes my heart happy 🙂

  2. teach them young

  3. Happy HAPPY Joy JOY!

  4. Love watching children worship with flags ! & Love those fire flags <3

  5. absolutely love it!

  6. Amazing!! I love it when kids worship!

  7. So much joy! And so FREE!!!!! 🙂

  8. my 3 year old daughter loved watching this!

  9. Abandoned worship to God!! We should all take a lesson for your children!! Loved the worship and the flags (beautiful)

  10. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I’d get dizzy doing that at my age I think.

  11. I love this little girl!!

  12. Love this little one’s worship!! It is so pure and joyful. Thanks for sharing; simply delightful to see children growing and cultivating a heart of worship

  13. love so beautiful yahweh an yahshua bless you guys love an shalom:)

  14. If we would turn the children loose during adult service, I believe a spirit of freedom in worship would break out! Fearless, unbridled and pure worship brings His habitation!

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