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Beckoned LWH

BeckonedLWHYou got to see this quill wing briefly in the LWH / XLW comparison we posted a couple weeks ago, but here you get to see it in action.  We actually got to hear from the woman who received this (she got it as a gift for her church – as well as receiving a little extra thank you silk from Abba) – here’s her quick testimonial:

I am really blessed to have received the words and silks that you sent. So much of what was said, rang true to me and has been a real encouragement to go further with God.

The music is live from IHOP-KC

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15 thoughts on “Beckoned LWH

  1. I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!!! I love the blue too 😀 Gah, I just love the whole video haha

  2. Awesome! It’s so wonderful when the word with the silk truly hits home for the recipient!!!!!!!

  3. Beautiful. This inspires me.

  4. All of your silks are very beautiful. I admire how they reflect the heart of the Father in each one I have seen.

  5. “I want to know you more”, as the song says it goes both ways we want to know HIM more and He wants to know us more!

  6. So beautiful. Love the testimony!

  7. Still one of my favs. The colors and name are beautiful :))

  8. That is beautiful. I love when your dog is in the videos, we only have a tiny house and can’t really have pets, so I love seeing those belonging to others.

  9. I love the colors! Beautiful…..such an amazing worship tool. Amen to the above comments!

  10. every facet is beautiful and annointed!!

  11. Very beautiful&graceful! Gave me chills!! Love the song too!

  12. Beautiful song and worship! Those colors are so beautiful.

  13. BBBBeautiful…. love an shalom

  14. Beautiful colors… they pair so nicely with the song… I only wish the clip were longer. 🙂

  15. I loved watching the flow of the quill…making intimate declarations….and love the visual of Him wrapping His arms around us bringing us higher and closer to His heart! Praying I get better at responding to Him when He calls!!

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