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God TV Scarf Sighting

GodTVA friend from my old church was on God TV with an amazing healing testimony – and she’s sporting her 30×30 Dyed4you silk called His Light.  I know you’ll be blessed by her amazing story 🙂

View her story here


View 30×30

9 thoughts on “God TV Scarf Sighting

  1. beautiful testimony of Lord’s love and such pretty scarf, 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing… her testimony and the scarf are beautiful!

  3. What a great testimony! =D

  4. WOW cool huh? Pretty Pretty Pretty!

  5. Lovely scarf; wonderful testimony. Thanks for sharing

  6. praise yahweh so beautiful testimony we can go through thing just so we can give him the glory thats his love an hes always with us when where going through it even when we cant feel him he loves to sprise us that hes with us an heal us dayley for fun we surve a awsome elohim yahweh an yahshua bless u love an shalom:)

  7. The scarf suits her so well that if she wasn’t wearing it, something would be missing. It may seem like an odd statement, but I think that even without knowing anything about the scarf, it adds credibility to her testimony.

  8. I agree with the comment made by Sandi… The scarf’s presence plays an unspoken role in her testimony. It is very powerful.

  9. I can’t help but to think this was a great opportunity for D4Y silk to be sponsored. May the Father bless her… And, of course, it is always encouraging to see what the Father has done in our brethren. 😉

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