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All About Hearts

WholeHeartThis is a pair of regular swing flags called Whole Heart (which you’ve seen before being worn by a bride). Below you’ll find 2 clips of the recipient with her flags (her first time using swing flags) as well as my demo video, but first hear how they blessed her!

I was amazed…I ask to do as God tells you…When I open it was the color God show me (purple light dancing when I close my eyes to worship Him). So I open the letter… The Name of the silk Whole Heart 🙂 Ooo Lord know I now you did it. She doesn’t know me God gives me heart when cut food or walk I see Heart! Every Color she put and what represented is everything God dose with me…Amazing to God be the Glory! Scripture that went with it Psalm 119:2 Blessed are they who keep His testimonies, and who seek, inquire for and of Him and crave Him with the whole heart. Amen!

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9 thoughts on “All About Hearts

  1. I love to see that I am not the only one “practicing” with swing flags. 🙂

    The colors are so beautiful…. Love the purple!

  2. I just love the unique and amazing ways the Father speaks to each of us. He is all about the little details!! This is a blessing to the entire body of Messiah. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Awesome testemony…absolutely love the colors! My Fav!

  4. Stir it up!!!! May our hearts be stirred up with more passion and love for HIM!

  5. Love these colors!

  6. Anointed! I know it seemed to be just “practice” but I was feeling more than practice there!
    And as the video-taker said: Flag warrior beginning her journey!

  7. Love the name. They are awesome!

  8. so beautiful

  9. Wish I had space to “practise” at home.

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