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Passion Fire MW Quills


A stunning pair of Passion Fire MW (medium wing) quills.  You’ve seen this style before (it’s one Father gave me in a dream) in a 35×84 simple flag, regular swing flags,  a banner flag, a wing/voi combo, and as a streamer! Though these videos have no sound, they show how beautifully the silks move – so turn on your own worship music and enjoy 😉

The wings show up about 20-something second into the video.

This is a bit off center, but still lovely!

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6 thoughts on “Passion Fire MW Quills

  1. These are so pretty and flow so nice. I like the yellow on them! 🙂

  2. Keep on pursuing Him with passion!!!

  3. So beautiful… so passionate!

  4. I love love love the kind of ripple effect that these wings have. So awesome!

  5. they are like flowers, petunia’s blooming into the atmosphere!

  6. so awesome just loved love an shalom

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