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River of Heaven in Worship

Sierra-160streamerThis is kind of fun – two moments from worship one evening where sisters were using the same style silk (called River of Heaven) – one using a special order 160″ streamer and the other a pair of regular swing flags. Both anointed worshipers 🙂

This video was shot during a service at Passion for Truth (more PFT clips can be found here).


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8 thoughts on “River of Heaven in Worship

  1. absolutely love this streamer: opening the heavens and changing the atmosphere for the river of Heaven to flow down! these two sisters are beautiful worshippers. thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I love kids with streamers. They just seem to fit together.

  3. awesome worship! I love all the room you have to worship and dance or flag!

    1. We are so blessed that way! My pastor removed 2 of 5 sections to make space 🙂

  4. beautiful

  5. love love love just beautiful

  6. I love this worship <3 & streamers & swing flags gonna get a pair of those too, maybe in the fall <3 I Love these flags & streamers <3 Powerful worship <3

  7. Love to see young people worshiping God! Makes me smile!

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