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Raise the Banner

Erica-wingsLoved this video that was entered into our recent MR quill flag giveaway.  She made these dowel wings herself – and they have a powerful visual impact! I’m so glad we didn’t have to “pick” the winner, that Rafflecopter did it for us because there were some great ones!

Here’s what she shared about them:

My contest entry for Dyed4You flag give- a- way

Also my first flagging full length video.

The Song Is “Raise The Banner” by Audio Adrenaline

My flag’s name is “Redemption”

These flags were made by myself.

They are wing flags set on swivel dowel rods.

These flags were made out of curtains that were found in the clothing ministry of our church. No one wanted them so I took them in and gave them a home. God showed me how I could make flags out of them. The week I was to make them our praise and worship leader said he was taking down some of the old banners in the church and asked if I wanted to have them. They were made of gold tissue Lame. I felt that these Lame gold banners were to go onto the edges of the curtains to create the Glory effect on Redemption. These flags have a very commanding presence when they are held up in a V pattern or are crossed in a X and walked down a church aisle. Under the influence and direction of the Holy Spirit. Not to shabby for some old curtains and some leftover unwanted banners. Thank you God! May they always give you praise and joy when they are flown.

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17 thoughts on “Raise the Banner

  1. Wow!!!!! What beautiful flags and anointed worship!!!!! Keep it up sweet sister…that was powerful!!!!

  2. WOW awesome 😀 These are so beautiful thanks for sharing 😀 wow awesome 😀 Now u gave me ideas 😀 Praise Jesus 😀

  3. Love those flags! Very beautiful and so blessed by story of how they were made. GOD is soooo cool like that!

  4. Holy Spirit led creativity and worship. Those flags are quite stunning and make a bold proclamation. Powerful prophetic release. Thank you for sharing. Blessings and Shalom 🙂

  5. absolutely beautiful….I love the worshipping in the out doors, in the river…..God’s cathedral. What anointing!

  6. This was AWESOME!!! Made the hair on my arms stand up. WOW!!!

  7. Beautiful!

  8. When the banners touched the water, I clearly saw the baptism’s meaning on it. Reading the story…wow Jesus is our redeemer! As Rev 21.5 says: Then the One sitting on the throne said, “See! I am making all things new. Write, for these words are true and faithful.”

  9. Love the video. Praise God

  10. Beautiful flags……..

  11. Wonderful design and enjoyed the parts where you were hitting the water and watching the impact!

  12. Wow that was powerful and beautiful!!! 🙂

  13. wooowwooo just beautiful loveed both you an your flegs where one as his spirit hovers apon the waters an you. just beautiful an anointed your musice awsome to love an shalom an yahweh an yahshua bless you 🙂

  14. Loved the video and the worship with those beautiful flags. You are blessed!

  15. stunning!! love love love when the flags hit the water, smething inside my spirit gets very stirred up when that happens.

  16. Totally freaked out over this!!! Did she win the giveaway?

  17. wooooow!! i am in awe of GOD!!! I LOVE prophetic dance

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