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Quill vs. Dowel Wing Comparison

WingComparisonWe get emails asking about the difference between quill wings  and dowel wings (which are semicircles with a wing seam added), and how they flow different from each other so we thought it might be time to put up a quick blog about it that will hopefully help answer some of those questions. Also if you are not sure about which quill is for you, than you can click here and see more comparison 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Quill vs. Dowel Wing Comparison

  1. Great video. Thanks for sharing!

  2. both move very well but i would say that i pufer the quill thay moved better for in this styel i would have to say i think the quill did move better love them both love an shalom

  3. Love the quills because I can get them right up next to my body, because there’s give when I’m moving them between the floor. Dowels are so good for those powerful warrior stances when there’s no motion and you’re just holding them up in victory, though. But both are awesome- especially in these colors! What’s the name?

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