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Fresh Hope Wing (dowel)

FreshHopedowelwingsIn this video we have a 5mm semicircle with a wing seam added and Hebrew letting called Fresh Hope. When used with a 48″ dowel, it makes a stunning dowel wing. But with the dowel removed it can be worn or danced with as a silk. It moves beautifully!

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8 thoughts on “Fresh Hope Wing (dowel)

  1. Need new flags…. Must start saving…. These are on my list….. Beautiful!!!

  2. You are a great model! I love the versatility of this silk! 🙂

  3. Love those colors ,Blue is one of my favorites!

  4. Is this a different type of fabric,a bit thinner?It looks transparent .It so delicate and lovely.I love how i can see through it.

  5. I see silhouettes of eagles on a blue sky on this silk. Took my breath away.

  6. I Like the ponytail!!! So transitional….i’m fascinated with ALL of them because this is all so new to me!! Just beautiful! I can’t wait to get my first silks!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. carin when u do telling u from my hart your worship well never be the same its a wanderful an baeutiful way to get in his prisens an feel his breath berath on you you well be truly blesst. love the flags love the worship love all uall. love an shalom 🙂

  8. That was pretty, but I had to lol at the end with your little over-the-shoulder smile for the camera 🙂 Love you, sis!

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