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Joyful Praise Swing Flags & PWB Quills

Kayla-joyfulpraiseA beautiful video of someone you’ve seen before who has been such a blessing to me personally. In this video – which was shot live during a recent church service – we see her first using a pair of regular swing flags called Joyful Praise (you’ve seen this style before – me demoing swing flags, as M quill flags, as an 8×54, and as a pair of voi) and then she uses a vivid pair of XL quill flags from Prophetic Worship Banners.

View swing flags

8 thoughts on “Joyful Praise Swing Flags & PWB Quills

  1. Wow…. Just beautiful:) All flags are awesome but I just love the swing flags!

  2. I didn’t know my friend was taking a video until after church was already over lol. I love my flags!

  3. beautiful, thank you for sharing

  4. awesome…love the name joyful praise….so fit with the song, …GLoria

  5. Beautiful.

  6. Just joyful to watch…what beautiful flags

  7. BBBeautiful love…. 🙂 love an shalom

  8. Such pure worship!

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