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Comfort in a Pruning Season

IMG_9049This is a fun scarf story (with pics and video) of a silk that went to Larisa! It is a 35×108 silk (she wears it all the time and the video below is her using it as a L streamer veil). Below she shares the story of her Cherished One silk in her own words:

I’ve been going through a time of pruning and refining and it hurts so bad sometimes that you don’t know what to make of yourself!

I felt strongly led to have our prophetic team birth a new silk that was going to have the Father speak to me directly and give me clarity. My prayer was, Abba, everything that your Holy Spirit puts on those amazing women hearts, let it be exactly what you need me to know and do and understand…

The very first word that was received and that started the creation process, was that Abba called me the Apple of His eye!!!! That alone had me crying on my knees because I felt so low by letting the enemy whisper lies in my ear without realizing. Then I understood why He put that urge in me to have a new silk be birthed for me!

Father is so amazing and always picks us up at the perfect time.

IMG_8953 IMG_8730 IMG_9033

See the rest of the pictures here. Or view a Dyed4you Art piece the Cherished One silk from these pictures went into!

View streamer veils

7 thoughts on “Comfort in a Pruning Season

  1. Gorgeous!I love the images in the snow too. Cherished One evokes the thoughts of His promise and life to me.

  2. beautiful….cherished one. Something we all need to learn and hang onto is that He loves and cherishes us!

  3. What a beautiful story. Truly, He does speak to us in such beautiful, profound, and timely ways. Larisa, you are so blessed to have such a team of prophetic women surrounding you!

  4. Thanks for sharing sweet Larisa… It moved me. You are very much the apple of his eye…his cherished one. Oh I loved this!

  5. That’s so encouraging to others. We are truly blessed to have such an Abba. Thank you for sharing your story and allowing YHWH to encourage others through you. the colors of the flag are so beautiful

  6. Wow. So beautiful. It is always amazing to me how we can listen to all of the junk and lies and just one Word from the Father breaks it all down.

  7. What a beautiful rich silk. 💚💙💚💙

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