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Come away with me

Jeanne come away with me scarfViolaThis is a touching scarf story of how Abba wants us to always focus on Him and that He is always watching out for us. Also the fact that we made exactly 2 more since we typically never usually have stock is pretty awesome too 🙂 


 Hey Larisa and Meghan,

Meghan I wish you could have been there when I presented Viola with her “Come Away With Me” scarf.  She didn’t have her glasses with her so she asked me to read the scarf letter to her which I did.  She cried and said it was awesome!  She is at a turning point in her life and not sure how happy she is about it.  A few years back one of her daughters and son in-law bought her house that she has lived in for 50 some years and moved in upstairs with Viola’s blessing.  I guess things weren’t very rosy at times.  The three of them had a meeting several weeks ago and it was decided that it would be best if Viola moved out and rented a house somewhere.  This scarf could not have come at a better time in her life and she cherishes it more than you will ever know.  Yah sure knew what he was doing when he asked y’all to make 2 extra scarves!  I wore mine and slept with it the entire time I was at the Upper Room!  🙂




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7 thoughts on “Come away with me

  1. So glad to hear you both were so blessed by them!

  2. God is so good at timing. My prayers are with Viola as she faces these changes in her life. Papa has an open invitation for her….come away with Me….

  3. That is really awesome!

  4. Meghan it was so exciting to be able to share with my precious spiritual mom one of your lovely creations! She absolutely LOVED it! If you look closely at Viola’s picture you will notice a blue aura is surrounding her body. 🙂

  5. How sweet! May Viola enjoy this upcoming time with Papa God–praying for a smooth transition and provision… I think the peace and the presence of Holy Spirit she is going to have at her new home is going to be incredible!!

  6. Beautiful scarf

  7. What a sweet story and the scarves are beautiful!

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