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Mantle of Elijah testimony

Mantle of ElijahWOW is the only way I can start this with… A woman in the Dyed4you community┬árecently received a scarf that a friend of her purchased and the testimony she shares is simply AMAZING! God is just unbelievable how He answers our prayers and is always just IN TIME doing so! ­čÖé

Here is what she shared…

Last month as I read through Kings and Acts, reading about the power of the Holy Spirit working through people like Elijah and Elisha and Paul, I began to long and ache and hunger for the Lord God of Elijah. I pleaded with God for a word, for his power to be manifested, for evidence of the Spirit in me and in this lost and dying world around me. I ached for it…I was desperate for a word from God…but God was silent and I was beginning to think he was displeased with me. The only thing I did hear, I doubted whether it was God. I’ll get to that in a moment.

When I shared my heart with a dear friend, she purchased one of your silks for me. I was not aware that she had done so, until about a month later…yesterday I received it.

My scarfs name: Mantle of Elijah!!!! One of the verses that went with it includes my heart’s plea to God….”Where is the Lord God of Elijah”. It is as if God has answered my prayer with the answer…here I am. The meanings of the colors were very specific to my prayers to God. And remember the one thing I did hear but had doubted whether it was from God? Two times when I had prayed for an anointing, to demonstrate the power of the Spirit, I heard “Rise up and Walk”. In the letter, it said, “As you WALK in this anointing ….the authority will be self evident.” God is telling me, “Rise up and walk in the anointing I have given you…only then will the power and evidence be manifested”

I love my Mantle of Elijah. I cherish it. I’m so grateful that you and my friend both listened and obeyed God’s voice. God guided her to buy this particular size for me, not knowing that I pray with my head covered. (she was going to buy a smaller one, but he said, No, to buy the larger one) And God has guided you to send me a much sought after and desperately needed word. I love it. I love God with all my being. Thank you…Thank you!

And I know there is more to the message he sent me in the letter. I just don’t fully understand all of it yet. This is just the beginning!!!!!

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  1. Our God is an awesome God!

  2. Ahhhh … God is SOOOOOO GOOOOD !!!

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