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Mind blowing L quill flags “Suddenlies” testimony

SuddenliesHere’s an amazing testimony from one of the sweetest and strongest woman I’ve had the honor to talk to. One of her spiritual sons’ gifted her a pair of Large quill flags in the style of Suddenlies and I was crying like a baby when she shared what those flags meant for her and her situation.

Hello Dyed4you, I just wanted to share a testimony regarding your flags I received as a Christmas gift this year. Five¬†years ago I had to walk away from a marriage of 22 years because of abuse. When I left I lost everything including support of my children but year’s of abuse I lost my health and they didn’t understand…

About 2 1/2 years ago I kept hearing the word “Suddenly” during deep intercession. Then people started sending me scriptures with those words and pics….I knew God was saying Sandy I can restore you Suddenly.. This last November I heard in the spirit I’m giving you to keys to unlock doors in this season. I was given 2 beautiful flags Christmas called SUDDENLIES! The 2 keys to unlock and open up portals of healing, restoration, deliverance… Thank you again and I can’t wait to receive UNDER HIS WINGS!


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2 thoughts on “Mind blowing L quill flags “Suddenlies” testimony

  1. Yay!!! Father is so good to his children. This is a very beautiful testimony!

  2. Wow!! Fantastic testimony! Recovery and restoration, such beautiful promises from the Father. Thank you for sharing, so encouraging.

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