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Confirming Mantle

prophetmantleIt’s always lovely when we receive confirmations. This silk story is about a customer who contacted us about getting a silk to align with a word he’s gotten that he was a prophet. God had given several specifics. So our first confirmation was simply the timing of his request because when he asked, the prophetic team was actually working on a new silk and guess what it was called… you got it, Prophet Mantle! And the specifics he’d been given were already in the word. God is so good! 

Below is the testimony of when he finally received the silk (and below that is a demo video we made of it before it shipped).


I just received my silk banner. I have never felt the presence of the Lord as strongly as I did when I grabbed the package. (That says a lot!) When I opened the package I smelled a familiar yet unfamiliar smell. I smelled anointing, I am not sure what it was but it sprouted forth such an anointing.

Immediately I knew He was going to speak to me. I wasn’t expecting the breakdown of the colors and the reasons behind it.

As I started reading, I understood this letter was written specifically for me (prophet).

This letter, tore me UP! Things that I faced in this year, so detailed, so precise! My spirit was encouraged and a huge weight lifted off. As I continue to read the letter, God spoke to me and said ” I am the God of the unexpected. You can’t fathom my power nor the extent of my knowledge. I am King, I Reign, I reveal and I guide. I destined this time, a synchronized the Kairos and Chronos to bring heaven through my daughters into your life right now.”

A new spark, a fresh fire was ignited in my spirit. I followed the guidance of the spirit to speak to a friend that recommended Dyed4you to now the invasion of Heaven in my life.

I was waiting for a WORD from God specifically to my situation, and I told Him use whoever, but myself. The Words written in this letter and the presentation of this banner was the precise word I needed from Him.

For this I praise Him for being sovereign and for you all for being willing and obedient to the Voice of ABBA.

I bless you! You will continue in my prayers!

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  1. What an amazing testimony! Thanks for sharing. I love hearing what He is doing!

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