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Custom Beaded Tallit (And Why One Might Use One)

FYI we have an update post on why someone might use a tallit

Papa blessed me (Meghan) with a new custom beaded tallit. It is called Relentless Faith and is 44×72″ in a 10mm china silk; and I made the tallits longer than normal (because I couldn’t seem to stop myself when I was creating them LOL!). I thought I’d share not just some pictures, but also a quick video explaining why one might use a tallit (And based on how much I loved mine, I added the oversized tallit option in our Dyed4you Readymade store). 

This silk really blessed me because the word was confirmation for other things He’s told me. Additionally, one night as I was finishing my prayer time and was taking off my tallit, I brought it up to my face and kissed it – laughing at myself –  and internally said to God, “since You aren’t physically here for me to kiss, I’m kissing my tallit as a representation of You.” You see I often find myself pondering my covenant with Him as I touched the beaded tzitzits. We share this about the tassels:

Jewish tradition states that these tassels must be created intentionally, much in the same way one doesn’t wake up one morning and OOPS have a wedding ring on.  These tassels symbolize your commitment to YHVH and to His word. This is not a matter to be taken lightly. By you requesting these tassels, you have indicated your intent, which I have carried out on your behalf. The symbol of your commitment is now in place. 

So as I touch the tassels (i.e. tzitzits), I think of them as a wedding ring (a symbol I’m intimately familiar with and understand fully the gravity of) and about my love for and commitment to God.

Given that rabbit trail back story, I’ll come back to this particular story I was sharing, so I’d just kissed my tallit and told Him it was me “kissing Him” and immediately I heard, “And in the same way, when it is wrapped around you, it is My arms around you holding you close.”

I’d already set my tallit down and was walking away, but I immediately turned around laughing at myself and singing the song my Dad would always sing when he would leave and come back again to kiss my mother one more time (“And seven times, he hurried back to kiss her once again…”), and I picked it up and wrapped it around myself tightly and I could FEEL Him holding me. It was beyond beautiful. A holy, anointed moment.

I share more about this silk (the full word, Silk: Relentless Faith) on my personal blog if you’re interested 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Custom Beaded Tallit (And Why One Might Use One)

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  2. What a beautiful post. Wow! Ok! I have learned so much from you sharing this. I’m blown away at the love YHVH has for us…for me. I’ve never experienced the love of an earthly father and at times it’s hard for me to receive that love from My Heavenly Father. This encouraged me so much. Thanks for sharing.

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