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Worship in a New Age Festival

It’s always cool to hear what God does through you guys in the Dyed4you community and your silks. This testimony is no exception to that! Our silks have ventured into new age festivals and pagan picnics before – we love ushering in His kingdom. Here’s the story of this woman’s experience with this:

I received a beautiful flag and prophetic word from you guys back in 2014 (called Sovereign Freedom), and I wanted to share my testimony of flagging with you.

We have an annual conference in our city, which is basically a new age festival that has clairvoyants, mystics, tarot readers, colour readings, etc…and us.

I have been blessed to use my flags at this event, and last year, they asked if they could use my flag picture as the cover of their brochure! (See above) Having a Christian worshipping God almighty on the cover is a stamp of God’s authority and His place over all the enemy tries to counterfeit.

It has been a wonderful opportunity to have worship music flooding the hall while I get to dance/flag in freedom, praising God in that event. I am also given stage time to sing and play in the Spirit- singing in tongues, singing songs of praise in the Spirit, and generally doing church in their meeting place! This year I am hoping for a team of flaggers, as we have been given more stage time. (We have a booth too manned with people from the church to pray for people and share the love of God through all means!)

So thank you again, and know that the prophetic words you gave are coming to life as we live out His Kingdom on earth! 

Keep being a blessing to others, as God will continue to bless you!

2 thoughts on “Worship in a New Age Festival

  1. Hallelujah! So inspiring!

  2. Praise the LORD!!!!! I love it when I see Daddy God do such amazingly wonderful things!!!

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