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How-to Make Bendies

This post was originally about all sorts of dowels including our bendies, but we quickly realized no one thought getting flags without a rod in them was as cool or convenient as we did. πŸ™‚

So we started simply including our bendies with all our bendie wings and flags, and using what we call “reinforced” bendies (which are another rod inserted in the hollow center of our bendies to reinforce them). We use the reinforced bendies on our larger heavier weight flags and wings (like our XL flag and large wing).

Since we share DIY tricks because so many ministries have come to our blog looking for direction, we wanted to be sure to tell you what we were using. Our “bendies” are the 1/4″ acrylic tubes from TAP Plastics. We encase them in a ribbon-reinforced area so that’s where you grip (which helps to preserve your silk). If you want to “soften” the ends, I show how on my capped rods post.

And for those of you who need something a little more solid to grab on to, we suggest you try the capped rod from our spin wings because the rod on those is thicker and thus easier to grip. It is 3/8″ as compared to the bendie’s 1/4″. See the image below for a comparison of the thicknesses.

Hope that helps, but as always, if you have question…let us know!

NOTE: As of December 2017 we’ve actually changed and refined our bendie design and aren’t using the acrylic rods in them anymore. Since other ministries we know and respect use similar designs and haven’t felt led to share DIY info on them, we’re respected that by doing the same with our final bendie design. That said, the links above provide lots of great and usable DIY ideas, so we still hope you find them helpful!

6 thoughts on “How-to Make Bendies

  1. many many many thanks: now I know what kind of matter is made the rod and that I must reinforce the part in which I put the rod and to protect the end and the begin not to let the rod jump away or cut or damage the fabric. Thanks again!!!

  2. Thanks very much : your reply was very useful!

  3. Hi i from Malaysia,

    I wpuld like to know are you selling the acrylic benddies rod?

    I .looking for a fthis to put for my flag.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Felicia Loh

    1. We don’t sell them, but there is a link in the blog to TAP Plastic which is where we buy them. Blessings to you!

  4. what length should the bendies be?

    1. That all depends on the size of your flag. πŸ™‚

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