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Wrapped in Father’s Arms

It’s always so encouraging to hear how Papa moves through our silks! We really appreciate when you all in the Dyed4you Community take the time to share YOUR stories with us. This is one such story. She’s not the first one to be blessed by a silk that didn’t look the way she would’ve picked. Fun to see how God moves!

Hello, my name is Andrea in September 2014 I received a silk from your Ministry it’s name is “Constancy,” I had recently experienced some life changing events in my life and the tallit arrived just when I needed it. When I opened the package I was disappointed it was not my usual colors (purple or blue) I read the details and it’s meaning so I placed it over my head and neck and I was immediately transformed, it was as if Our Father had wrapped me in His loving arms. I thank you for introducing me to the realness of the love of God. By the way I still have my silk and I use it often. Dyed4you is definitely your calling. Blessings to you and everyone connected to this awesome ministry.

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