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Rich in Heart Meanings

It is always fun when a new person find our ministry. We get to go through the awe and excitement all over again as they receive their first silks and are moved by how God speaks to them through it. I don’t think we will EVER get tired of it! And this instance is no exception – her joy and exuberance is contagious 🙂 She is a retiring art teacher – so she is being blessed by the craftsmanship from that perspective as well.

So BEAUTIFUL IN APPEARANCE AND RICH IN HEART MEANINGS!! I am truly overwhelmed, Meghan!! My heart sends a HUGE Thank You- I am so very blessed by ALL that you sent me! I am still taking it all in- so much beauty and so much meaning- I am in awe and richly delighted!! I can smell the fragrance of the anointing oil– it is everywhere in the room- whichever room I bring them into!! Wow!! I have been in tears at the prophetic words, meanings of all and scriptures- I will need time to camp on them- meditate on all you said. I was so surprised (and delighted!!) with your gracious gift of Precious Blood from your own collection! Tears again! I really need that one – not sure how to explain it in words yet. To have this as a tangible silk that I can wear, touch and see are VERY helpful for me. I have been wearing it.  

I LOVE YOUR ART WORK IN THE PROPHETIC PHOTOGRAPHY! That is so cool!! Everything you sent- the Warrior Bride card, all 3 silks, the words and scriptures will be much I can talk to Papa about and I feel He will help me take them all in on so many levels. It is all so rich! Words are so inadequate to express what I feel and sense with these. The Colors, meaning and oils for the YHVH Bore, the Lord, the Creator, are so rich and beautiful! I love them!! Each color is so strong and meaningful; my heart leaped when I saw the silver shimmer representing freedom to create. There is such a powerhouse in all you said and shared. My husband had talked to me a couple of years ago about the artisan that God chose for the temple. …I am just going to submerge into where I am- learning and relishing the beauty and meaning of the silks and being released to move in worship with them! Sounds like a perfect place to be.

i know this text is way too long- I keep doing that with you- so sorry, but I couldn’t just text and say thank you. There is so much more on my heart with all of this. … I am taking my silks to try in a bigger space and ultra high ceiling!!! I ran home after school last nite to see if they had arrived, with every intention of returning to school to work after I had a chance to see and touch the silks! I was so excited I couldn’t wait until evening! Well, that return to school last night intention died; I went back to lock up my room then went home to try my silks.

I will be watching more of your videos!! Learning how. Can’t wait to see what else you add to your shop; have my eye on By His Breath, wondering about a swing flag and how that is for someone new at this; and of course your streamers! I am hooked! …I am getting to know and bask in my beautiful new silks and their deep touch in my life. I want to soak it all in and hear what Papa wants to teach me, where I am right now, expecting Him but realizing I need time with Him to just be. Hovering Holy Spirit and happy to let it all germinate- loved your words!!! Heaping mountains of blessings on you!

Below is a demo of the prophetically dyed large light dowel flags she made reference to, YHVH Bore (LORD the Creator), that we shot before we shipped them off as well as the video to her medium quills she picked from our Dyed4you Readymade store 🙂

6 thoughts on “Rich in Heart Meanings

  1. Makes me want to order more!

    1. LOL I understand 🙂

  2. What a wonderful testimony !!!!

  3. Beautiful testimony. You are truly anointed by God only He can lead to such beautiful work. You are a blessing to many.

    1. Thank you! We feel blessed to be called to what we do. And bonus, we get to interact with all you fabulous people 🙂

  4. So beautiful! I love how daddy God blesses! Such a sweet testimony.

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