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Changes Afoot

A few new things going on that we wanted to make sure you guys knew about. Since we’ve been offering our dowel products for a few months now, we’ve refined what we offer based on what you guys prefer, which in this case means your bendie flags and wings now come with the bendies sewn in and a silk storage sleeve that is dyed to match. 🙂 

So basically when they arrive, you are all ready to go. Because of this we’re also renaming them simply “Bendies” rather than dowel – though we’re happy to leave the ribbon reinforced area empty if you prefer to use your own!

We’re also reinforcing the bendies that go in our XL Bendie Flags and Large Bendie Wings (the ones in the heavier 8mm silk). No worries, they still flex beautifully, but they needed to be a bit stronger for you with the heavier silks. 🙂

Our spin wings will be the same, arriving with their capped rods in a matching silk sleeve. If you are an international customer and prefer not to deal with the extra shipping costs on your bendie products and want to get rods locally, that is NO PROBLEM! Just let us know 🙂

Other Flag Updates

Hard to believe we first started offering quills about five years ago! And in that whole time we’ve never raised the pricing on them both because we know how you guys love them and because we wanted to keep our flags accessible to folks on a fixed budget. With changes in pricing on silk and costs of getting the quills, etc. these have needed to have their prices adjusted for a while now and we’ve finally done so.

If you’re wondering, now our least expensive flags are our bendie flags and wings. Since they’re ones we do entirely onsite, they’re easier and less expensive for us to create for you (which means we can do rushes on these easier as well). The light bendie flags have a lovely flowy feel. The big adjustment with these is getting used to storing them straight. If you collect all kinds of flags, this will likely be a no-brainer for you since most flags are stored that way. For those of us who are spoiled by the bend in the quills or the folded swing flags, these will be different. As for me (Meghan), I have some of ALL of them and love each of them for their own unique properties and think you will too 😉

As always, let us know if you have questions! And in the meantime, happy worshipping 🙂

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