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Very Sweet Personal Kiss from God

It’s always a joy to get to hear how people are blessed by their Dyed4you silks! This woman was gifted a large swing wing called Forthright Flames and it brought encouragement and confirmation, and God timed its arrival perfectly. He’s so good 🙂

On the day I found out I was going to receive a wing flag gift and prophetic art I fell to my knees and cried. I felt like I just got a very sweet personal kiss from God. I had asked Him earlier to please help me draw close and get in the habit again in worship and praise. It had always been habit no matter how busy but the last 3.5 years in the wilderness in assignments in shelters and others homes I had no longer my worship tools or freedom to do so.

I ask God to help me get back in the habit and draw me close. I knew worship tools would help and are so wonderful in worship. So i had made a little glory hoop that day and asked Him if He liked it, (altough He helped me make it.) When I got the word I would receive this gift, I felt like God answered that question with His bigger better gift to praise Him with too!

I received the gift on a morning of great stress and the prophetic Words on the back of the art and words were so right on in confirming much needed encouagement on my call and coming out of the wilderness that the release resulted in me praising God and releasing tears once again. One of the words in connection with the flag was what has been spoken over me through out several years and I knew the timing was soon. Also, I’m sure “Dyed4you” didn’t know this but one of the words was for my son. We have been partners in the spirit and God told him recently he was about to go through some tests and he has. The way the prophetic words were worded would give hope and encouragement. (I will share with him as the Lord leads)

The word connected to the flag has alway been the way the Lord has used me in battle and praise. The silk itself is just gorgeous.God is good and I am so grateful to Him and grateful for the gift and the sincere heart, and craftsmanship of Dyed4you Silks. 

Below is a video she shared followed by a demo one I took before sending it 🙂

2 thoughts on “Very Sweet Personal Kiss from God

  1. I love her video ! Feel God’s Presence !! SO wonderful !

  2. Absolutely Gorgeous flag !!!!!! The colors are gorgeous !

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