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Cross Pollination & Blooming

As you all know from my many posts, I love cross pollination between ministries! This silk story shared my friend Christina (from Wings of Mercy Arising) with the regular swing wings I gave her as well as me with the silk I got from her called Father’s Heart. What was fun about the ones I made her is that she unknowingly named them! On our Dyed4you Ministries FB page, we frequently post things in progress and let people share what God gives them and sometimes those things make it into the word. That was what happened with Full Bloom


Words cannot describe accurately how your silks have impacted me. First off the colors are so beautiful and the words that came with the silk was so on point for my season. I have really felt at a dry place lately and my insides were really screaming for God to be made more in my life.

Your words spoke that I am not dying but that God is making rivers to flow in the desert. And to focus on him and get rid of distractions. Like this has been the season I’m in and the word was so timely and refreshing. I reread this word almost everyday. To be encouraged and to remind myself that God is so very close.

A verse I’ve been declaring over my year is about overflowing of abundance and you touched on that. It was encouraging to hear that again! I really loved everything!!! The verses spoke so deep to my heart and the “seeing” aspect was really cool. I have meditated on it quite a bit, asking God what he wants to speak to me through it. Thank you so much for your heart. I am so inspired by you. I want to be like you when I grow up! 🙂 

Thank you so much for blessing me with these flags. I have wanted a pair for so long, and I knew God would come through. Your flags are the first pair from another ministry I’ve ever had. I never saved up enough to buy my own. ❤️

In Christina’s video the purple swing wings are our “Full Bloom” style and the long colorful banner was made by her (Wings Of Mercy Arising) and is called “Abundance” 

And here’s the demo video I made of her regular swing wings 🙂

And here I am with my beautiful Father’s Heart silk from Wings of Mercy Arising 🙂

2 thoughts on “Cross Pollination & Blooming

  1. WOW !! Watching her dance ministered to my heart ! Beautiful flags … both of them and beautiful testimony ! YAY GOD !!!

  2. Christina is awesome! I’ve just done a collaboration video with her and she is so anointed. She’s going on a ministry trip and is raising money. Seek out her channel to find out how to help her! Dyed4You I wanted tell you how awesome you all are about viewing fellow flaggers/dancers as a community. It’s not about you as the hand on the body but the Body as a whole.

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