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More Fun Exchanging of Silks

Wanted to share this FB live video from my friend Katt of Victory Hill Flags and Banner for a variety of reasons. The first reason, is that she talks about an increase in creativity (yay for hubby prayers), but that also was exactly what the first silks I sent her were about! So I’m thanking God for answered prayer. 🙂 

Next she shares the beautiful half rounds she made for me in exchange for the large spin wings I made her (which she shows you at about the 6 minute mark). She also shares some really beautiful and kind things about Dyed4you Ministries and the quality of what we create and the details we take note of. Since thats something we’re intentional about, it was especially nice to hear it noted and appreciated 🙂 

She shared similar sentiments in her initial thank you note to me too which said:

Hi sis, just wanna tell you that I received the flags. Wow, do beautiful! I was so blessed by them and the word over them. I receive the increase. They are perfect and my eyes and heart were delighted when I saw them. I almost missed the scarf. I picked up the tube to mice it and something (the Lord) said check the tube. I held it up to the light and couldn’t see through it so I knew I missed something. So beautiful! I love that you sent such a powerful word with each one. I’m so blessed in receiving such considerate and heart felt gifts from Abba through you. I admire the detail and the craftsmanship of your creative art. I pray that excellence you use will add to me and help me go the extra mile for others as well. Thank you so much! I adore both the flags and the scarf.

Below is my video of the Increased Anointing and Favor large spin wings I made her. 🙂

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  1. This is awesome !! I love both of your hearts !! Just wonderful.

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