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Exactly What She Needed

What I love most about the story of this oversized tallit (aside from the simple fact that she was blessed by her silk, which of course we love knowing), is about how it demonstrates how we receive in layers. She felt like she’d received it and was blessed at one level, then God spoke to her through Larisa’s live broadcast on the Dyed4you Facebook page, and then she received it at a new level. 

I think this model holds true for most of us. He reveals something, then He reveals more (and more and more) as we pursue Him and keep our hearts open to it. So beautiful! Enjoy the videos and story 🙂

First here’s the video she shared after receiving her oversized tallit called Formed in Love, the bulk of the letter for which is shared on my personal blog, though the word for her tallit had some additional pieces in it – this gives you an idea. 🙂

In addition to the video below she shared the following:

…And at first had a difficult time receiving MINE. But all of this was also a part of God’s plan .. LOL … The more I ponder the word and soak up the colors and beauty of this silk i LOOOOOOOVE it and am SOOOOO happy it is MINE. I realized that God and everyone I know is already aware of my passionate side. I didn’t need God to tell me that. What I DO need is to KNOW HIS LOVE and RECEIVE His Love. Interesting that I didn’t receive it right away. My brain getting in the way like it does .. LOL 

LOL and doesn’t that happen to ALL of us (which Larisa addresses in her video down below!) 

Next, below is the Facebook live video from Larisa that prompted the scarf story from this tallit that follows below.

Oh Meghan. Meghan. Meghan!!! First I want to say that what Larisa has been sharing has been such a blessing. I love seeing and hearing her open heart <3 I pray God covers her and keeps her in her vulnerability and that he keeps her protected. ( that was a spontaneous thought )

What I wanted to say was that what she shared spontaneously about how powerful the silks are and the Words they represent is very powerful ! Even I who to some extent understand the reality and power of them still don’t really GET IT ! She has been revealing Gods heart in your ministry through her openness and vulnerability. It has made me fall even more in love with what you are all doing at Dyed4you.

Ok. So now. That was all spontaneous heart stuff. Now why I actually messaged you. Because Larisa shared about the power of the Words and the silks. ( I have to be honest, my silk was hung over the back of my rocking chair. Unused. Part of me was waiting till this whole frozen shoulder thing leaves. I find it a bit difficult to manoeuvre the tallit with one arm ) I think part of me didn’t think the Word was for ME. that somehow, like I feel often. That I missed it again and that God really doesn’t SEE me. How funny. So. Because of Larisa’s word impacting my heart I have begun to read my Word over myself. I did it last night and this morning. I realized. Oh my God ! MY God !!! That THIS Word has SOOO many truths in it that I NEED to KNOW in my DEEPEST parts. In My DEEPEST Heart. I can’t believe i missed it.

I did receive it in the beginning but I think I somehow expected God to PASS ME BY. Anyways. This Word is exactly what I need to hear and believe. It is SOOO FULL of TRUTH and Gods LOVE for ME !!! Two of the truths I need so much are that God SEES me and KNOWS me! And it speaks those truths very clearly ! There is so much more that I am receiving. That is only two of the truths. I want to THANK YOU so much Meghan. I will be sure to let you know more as I soak in His Word and His Love !

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