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Treasured Extension of Her Worship

Another beautiful silk story sharing a beautiful encounter with God and the anointing He brought. What a beautiful experience! 

First of all thank you so much for the beautiful flags !

When I was offered a couple of flags by a friend during a worship service. A few months ago I had no idea how it would effect my prayer life and praise. I felt the Lord’s presence immediately.

Everything in the room faded away and it was me and the Lord. As l praised Him with the flags and my voice. I was swept away by the Holy Spirit then I felt a little tug and I opened my eyes and a beautiful little girl was standing in front of me asking to flag.

Her asking and being drawn to Lord by the flags made me realize there is a deeper purpose to flagging than the outward beauty of them. They take you to a Holy place.

When I received my flags yesterday. I read the word before I looked at the flags. Each word confirmed to me what the Lord has been speaking to me. I had to read it a few times and each time my eyes filled with tears. Then I unwrapped the flags Again I started to weep . I picked up the flags and started flagging spreading the fragrant scent of the oil and resin into the atmosphere.

Again I was swept away by the spirit as I worshipped Him.

Thank you for your prayerful words and silks. They are a treasured extension of my worship to God. Bless you in your ministry

Below is the demo Larisa did of these beautiful regular bendie wings before they were sent out 🙂


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