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Called to Flag

This past week in church I had the opportunity to minister with an extraordinary young lady. She has SUCH a call to flag on her life (and when we ministered together she was using a pair of flags from our friends at Called to Flag who I shared about in our Anointed vs Counterfeit post) – everyone at our church (and those who later saw the video online) were so blessed by her worship.

Someone gifted her a pair of large rounded bendies from Dyed4you Ministries called “Praise Me, Seek Me, Walk in Love” (I also included a couple demo videos by me using them before she received them) and she loved them! What a joy to see her worship with those as well!! We pray you’re blessed by this precious worshipper 🙂

In the first video, I am using a pair of large light spin wings called Carrier of Peace (I shared the testimony about those in the Peace Breakthrough post). She joins me on stage a few minutes in and about halfway in I move her to the center of the stage.


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  1. So sweet and powerful!

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