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Sacred Prophetic Space

This beautiful pair of XL light bendie wings are near and dear to my heart! So grateful they found the perfect home. The pictures of these beauties have already ended up in a Dyed4you Art piece called Heir of Promise, which I have hanging in my prayer closet (see it and read my testimony).  When Papa told me to list these on our Dyed4you Readymade store, I struggled because I really REALLY wanted to be sure they went to someone who would fully “get” how anointed and awesome they are. As always, Papa had an awesome plan!

The recipient is one who treasures every nuance of their creation and the anointing on them. She shared this fun picture of where they are displayed when not in use, and she shared the following just after she’d received them:

Wings are home and kissed by the gentle rain.  The other flag came home today too.  It has a golden butterfly on it and says we are changed from glory to glory 2 Cor 3:18.  I call it emerging in joy.  What a Sabbath this is.  It takes a lot of energy to throw those wings heavenly especially when they get a bit wet

The banners are hanging in the Bridal bed canopy space.  Sacred prophetic territory.  Thanks so much for Your help and encouragement.  I will soak in the meaning of all this for quite awhile.  Also got a word today from Revelations 3:12 from a sister.  This is the cry of my heart.  Bless you sister.  Your baby has a good home.

The videos below are demo ones I took before shipping them out.

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