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Confirmation of Vision

We love hearing scarf stories – especially ones of confirmation. And this story is one of those 🙂 Love how Papa speaks to His children. We hope you’re blessed and encouraged by this.

Hi, Meghan and the Dyed4you team. I just wanted to write you and express my thankful and happy feelings with my latest purchase from your truly anointed Ministries! 

I received the lovely Readymade scarf named “Warrior Princess”. I certainly felt like one when I put it on! The colors remind me of nature, with trees and the earth’s bountiful soil. I truly adore and respect our Lord’s wondrous creation. I feel a deep connection to it all, and I can feel God’s love and shining beauty in it. Amen!

But what really ‘blew me away’ was the message that came with it. It mentions quite often about the word of God being like a two-edged sword. This was amazing to me in a personal and sacred way, because a few years ago I had a crystal-clear vision given to me near the end of my church’s Friday night worship service. Just a few feet before me was a shining and golden two-edged sword! It was suspended in the air and pointed downward. I couldn’t see the bottom part– the tip of the blade–that part was not in my view. 

I also saw, further back to my left, a wall with a golden helmet and a white lady’s tunic. There might have been a shield and other things, but it was not  really in focus. The whole thing was just so wonderful and feelings of strength and purity, even heavenly and a sense of calm filled me. 

Then I also felt the Father saying “This is for you. This will be yours.” Wow! Talk about a Blessing and a Promise from our God, our Abba!

I felt so good and yet so humbled. And the letter that you sent to me helped me a bunch, I’m truly getting into His Word more and find it empowering and full of His holy Wisdom! Thank you, also, for the wonderful Inspired Flow pendant. It contains my favorite colors in the rainbow! The message that came with it is also very encouraging. 

May the Lord truly give you so much of His Blessings, that both you and your team cannot contain them all!

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