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Happy Tears of Confirmation

This is just one of many testimonies that is a constant reminder why we strive to be sensitive to His voice and deepen our intimacy level with Papa. It’s an amazing encouragement and blessing to us when we see how He blesses His children through this ministry.

The flags she got are Medium round bendies in the style Forthright Flames 🙂

I came home to find my worship flags on my doorstep!! I am so glad you didn’t do the shipment tacking because this was such a beautiful surprise. They are gorgeous and perfect and I am weeping with joy and thankfulness at the prophetic words included and the meaning behind these flags. These are such confirmation. This work you do is anointed and I am so grateful. The body of Christ is so blessed by what you carry and steward. Thank you. I pray you always remain pure and faithful to walk out who God is calling you to be and follow the guiding of His Holy Spirit in your work as long as you live. I bless you, God bless you!

I hope some day to order more pieces from you.

Thank you!!!

Below is a demo I made with these flags before sending them.



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