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Blessed by her Sister-in-Law

As I said in New Levels of Refinement and Confirmation, it’s always fun to see someone catch the Dyed4you “bug” and then start sharing with their friends and family and seeing all of them get blessed. This is the story about a family member. 🙂

This sister-in-law was so blessed by the beautiful oversized beaded tallit with Hebrew lettering she was blessed with. Here’s what she shared:

I must say my sister in law ordered mine for me! I loved it when she got hers so she blessed me with one 

The name of mine is “AVINU (Our Father)”
Man I was reading through the papers I got and it touched home with me!
Not to mention 2 days before it arrived I had a dream of 2 of the colors that would be on it!
I’m so grateful for this! And will continue sharing this website for others to be blessed ALSO!!!!

Later she came back and ordered a tassel tallit for her hubby as well as a narrow infinity scarf for herself. When those arrived they were blessed by those as well.

My scarf and my husband’s tallit has confirmed a lot for us! God always speaks to us somehow! And this time it was through our scarfs and tallits! We each have 1 of each! So thankful for the confirmation the Lord gave us again through this ministry!

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