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Receiving a New Mantle (and passing an old)

We never grow tired of testimonies – especially when there’s so much confirmation in them! This awesome scarf story is about a custom charmeuse tallit called Avinu (Our Father). The word expands on the Lord’s prayer in a beautiful way. 

Below is Margie’s initial reaction via text followed by a portion of the livestream from her Facebook page, Unhindered and Unashamed, where she shared her testimony at length. We know it’ll bless you!

Omg!!! So not long ago I was asking the Lord for a breakdown on The Lord’s Prayer!!! But I got so busy I forgot all about it but I hung on (literally!) Let your Kingdom come thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven! It was strong in my heart – do not put a cap on God!!! Do not put limits on God by the way you pray. To such an extend that even been teaching on it while ministering and on FB live!!!! 

To the point that I even made an oil! 

This prayer shawl speaks… confirms where he has me in prayer today! It also speaks and reconfirms where He wants to take me. AND lol he answered my prayer about expanding on the Lord’s prayer! Lol Oh my God! I’m laughing because—  Oh my God! I asked him to do so and I forgot to follow up with him!

Also lololol I was like “Oh God I didn’t tell Meghan about my efforts to be simple – a single bead maybe silver but nothing extraordinary on the tassels. – Oh well! I guess I will have to trust  and I will accept what you gave her for me.  And I get the silk and I am like awwwwww just what I wanted!!!!!!!! 

I am in Love!!!!! 

A perfect companion for this season!!! 

Thank You for your obedience 

[Also you’ll see a picture of me (Meghan) wearing the prayer shawl/tallit that Margie made for me, which she mentions in the video. And if you want to see the original flags she made me (I have had several now over the years), they are called Under His Loving Wings.]

Below are the pictures from when she passed her old mantle on (she shares about it in this video).

2 thoughts on “Receiving a New Mantle (and passing an old)

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