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Beautiful Tallit and Confirming Art

Beautiful testimony from the recipient of an oversized tassel tallit called Your Name and several Dyed4you Art pieces (a printcard of Forever Bloom, mini printcard of Anointed for War: Rallied Warriors, and magnet of Emboldened by the Sustaining Source).

Dear Meghan and team,

Forever Bloom - Dyed4you ArtEmboldened by the Sustaining Source - Dyed4you ArtThere are no words to convey my gratitude for the beautiful tallit and the art pieces you sent me.  The Forever Bloom piece is so poignant because sunflowers are my favorite flower and I happen to have a garden of them in full bloom at the moment!  I also love the Emboldened by the Sustaining Source piece and the word that accompanied the piece.  

I’ve waited for two years to order my tallit.  When I saw it, I had to catch my breath.  It is far more beautiful than I imagined and BELIEVE me I tried to envision what it was going to look like.  The word was on point and even had some of the lyrics to one of my all time favorite songs.  Only Abba knew that.  I already put it on and prayed in my house! This tallit gives “in the shadow of His wings” new meaning to me.  

BUT, with as excited and touched as I was over my tallit, nothing could have prepared me for the Anointed for War: Rallied Warriors piece.  I loved that piece when I saw it on your page and thought it would make a great piece for a man.  I never truly equated it with a woman…until I read the word that came with it.  I was sobbing, I still have tears, because of this beautiful, encouraging word from my Abba.  Too many times when we get battle weary (and I have been) we lose sight of our identity, our call and we forget who He is, how powerful and mighty He is, and how much HE LOVES US!

I had a vision about a year ago.  I was dressed in armor and on a battlefield.  It was a fierce battle and there were many slain on the battlefield.  Standing a couple of steps in front and to the right of me was Yeshua.  He was dressed in white and He had a HUGE gold shield and He was deflecting the arrows of the enemy.  As long as I kept my eyes on Him, I deflected every arrow.  But for one second I looked away and I was pierced by an arrow and fell on the battlefield.   Yeshua saw me fall and ran in front of me and bent down while holding His shield in front of both of us and told me, “Daughter!!!  Get back up!.”  I tried to get up but I was so tired and weary from battle I just sank back to the ground.  I sobbed when I told Him, “I’m sorry.  I just can’t.  I’m so weary…so tired.”  He never said another word.  He just looked at me with compassion and stayed right with me defecting the arrows.  

Now you understand why this piece and the word, which also contains the mention of another one of my “anthems” (We Will Not Be Shaken), touched me so deeply.  Emergence from this weary season has been slow coming but I believe I just got back up on the battlefield.  

Thank you so very much for all you do and for your obedience to the Lord.  I love you all so very much.

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