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He is Faithful in our “Mistakes”

One of my dear friends and part of our Dyed4you Leadership Team has a saying she likes to say when I share yet another rainbow silk: “You can never have too many rainbows!” I laughed to myself as I heard her say this in my head while I was making several pairs of regular bendie wings (5mm aka “light” weight silk) in our Faithful style, which happens to be a rainbow. 

This silk is all about God’s faithfulness to us. As I was making these, Papa began talking to me about expanding the word for this silk. And as I was expanding the word I sensed Him saying He wanted to switch the oil it was anointed with. 

Initially I thought of the Faithful oil, but as God and I talked about it I realized that silk is about our faithfulness to Him, whereas the silk is about His to us. Ultimately, I felt like He highlighted a different oil to use. 

God works in our “mistakes”

God told me to give a pair of the Faithful wings to Elisa to bless her and as a thank you for all she does for the ministry. I was rushing to get them done Saturday night so I could give them to her Sunday morning at church. In my haste, I anointed them with the Faithful oil and put them in the bag with the letter and sealed them in. 

Later in the evening I realized my mistake. I began figuring out what I needed to do to correct it and God immediately told Me that it wasn’t by accident that I’d done it – His hand was in it. He told me to tell her what happened. Below is the testimony. 🙂

When Meghan told me about the oil she accidentally anointed my new flags with, I just had to laugh. The Faithful oil felt like a huge exclamation mark at the end of God’s recent love letter to me.

A theme in my life over the last few months has been faithfulness. There are times in my walk when the Father will repeat a word or phrase all day long; He usually does this because, while I can hear His words, my heart is having trouble receiving His message. In recent months, He’s been calling me faithful or loyal.

“Faithful. She’s so faithful. A loyal-hearted person….” Hundreds of times a day, He speaks this theme over me. When I walk over a particular squeaky floorboard in my bedroom, the Holy Spirit highlights it and says over the squeak, “faithful” or “loyal.” So now even the squeaky floorboard seems to be calling my name!

Knowing that God had gone out of His way to anoint my new flags with the Faithful oil, I was so excited to find out the word behind the flags (because Meghan didn’t reveal the name). So Sunday morning, I was very blessed to receive the Faithful flags. Not only have I been longing to add some rainbow flags to my collection, but the theme behind the flags in connection with the anointing oil came as no surprise. To make the moment even sweeter, our worship team at church had a line up of songs for that morning with the theme of God’s faithfulness! They just happened to be practicing Elevation Worship’s “Do It Again” when Meghan and I walked in. The chorus hit me with waves of God’s love:

Your promise still stands
Great is Your faithfulness, faithfulness
I’m still in Your hands
This is my confidence, You’ve never failed me yet

I feel so overwhelmed and touched that God has been going out of His way to get His message of love into My heart. As much as we are called to pursue God with everything in us, He also pursues us with wild abandon. His pursuit declares that we are worthy of the love He has to give. He is also persistent about realigning our thoughts—about ourselves and Him—until they align with His thoughts and there is no hindrance to His Word entering our hearts.

Through this experience, I have realized that God is speaking the word “faithful” over me because I have unconsciously doubted my loyalty to Him and His Word. I love Him with all my being, and yet I struggle with the areas of my humanity that can’t seem to serve Him as I feel He deserves. I’m a recovering perfectionist, and I’m learning that God has much more grace with me in my failings than I do.

Even more, God knows who He has created us to be. Being made in His image and likeness means that, because faithfulness is part of God’s character, it is something that we are capable of demonstrating as well through His Spirit (Gal. 5:22). I know that if I keep my eyes fixed on my Beloved instead of my failings, I won’t be able to help but mirror His beautiful character. As “Do It Again” declares, I have already seen God move in powerful ways to demonstrate His love and loyalty to me, and I know that I’ll continue to see His faithfulness all the days of my life.

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